An appeal for information? From RMBC

Been thinking about the situation in Rotherham regarding Freedom of Information requests, given that Rob’s FOI 372 is the 372nd request for information in 2011, I assume.

There is the very real chance of unnecessary duplication. especially for the more contentious areas of public policy.

How about RMBC making all FOI requests and appropriate responses available on the, all singing, all dancing, website of theirs?

Talking of which, the website search is not improving, documents are not properly indexed, missing or so out of date as to render them useless. Resorting to FOI’s because publicly available information cannot be found, will only make things worse! My advice to who ever is responsible for this woeful website should, get a grip, pronto!

4 thoughts on “An appeal for information? From RMBC

  1. RMBC should produce a log of Freedom of Information requests, together with the responses, on their website, but it got so out of date that the last time an enquiry was made as to when it would be updated, their response was that they’d do it when the got around to it. And that was over two years ago!!

    So don’t expect anything to happen any time soon.


      • My answer = NO !!!!

        As citizens we are legally entitled to anonymity in the polling booth, and on a private forum such as this we are entitled to and demand the same anonymity.

        If prospective posters like you don’t like the rules here then please feel free to leave at anytime !!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Wow, you can even leave anonymous name-free info on Crimestoppers, but your proposition smacks of Rovrum Laybah Grooip’s all-controlling Stalinist Politburo mentality that if we can coerce citizens into having to declare their names then that will deter them from challenging t’Grooip and t’Leeda !!!!

        Wow, your posting is straight out of the NKVD, OGPU or CHEKA training manual for sure.


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