New life breathed into Scum Labour post

When the previous post of 31st August, Old Labour – New Labour – Scum Labour in Rotherham’s Stone Age! I mistakenly thought the originator of the term ‘Scum Labour’ was our good friend ‘Trambuster’, but I was wrong. The originator was in fact Michael Elmer of the Christian Peoples Alliance, the British version of the Christian Democrats.

He was responding to the Gerald Smith affair and was outraged at his repetition of serious libels about the nature of Christian Democracy. Given the provocation, I am surprised he expressed himself in such measured terms in his letter published in the Advertiser.

The response he elicited from Denis MacShane, Chief exponent and role model of Rotherham’s Scum Labour, was revelatory, as was the defence of Labour in Rotherham from a non member! Worth the cover price alone, still some left on the news stands, get yours.

Ed Miliband was not included in ‘Scum Labour’, but he will be, if he does nothing about the fundamentally broken Labour politics, that we the long suffering citizens of Rotherham have to endure.

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Moran – Court appearance today! Takes the blubbing defence to new lengths?

Margaret Moran the disgraced ex-Labour MP recently charged with fifteen counts of false accounting, contrary to the Theft Act 1968 and six counts of forgery, contrary to the Forgery and Counterfeiting Act 1981, totalling £60,000! Appeared in court for the first time since being charged.

Accompanied by the now familiar figure of Gerald Shamash of Steel & Shamash, the Labour Party official solicitors. Margaret Moran is reported to have sobbed throughout the short  proceedings. BBC coverage here.

I fear however that she will not evoke much sympathy for taking £60,000 of our money and putting it in her own back pocket! She has succeeded in making a laughing stock of herself and would benefit, methinks, from a bit more backbone!

Musings on election candidates May 2012

So who might stand for Maltby in May 2012 ?

Word is that Will Blair is standing down and a Mr Rounds is ready to take his place.
Waiting for news from Labour Party on who is hoping to stand for them (or who is being told to stand for them …)
At present we have 14 Labour Councillors out of 18 on Maltby Town Council,- 4 from the same family.
One of the 14, is currently RMBC cllr … for Hellaby Our new RMBC cllr is conspicuous in her absence from MTC meetings this year, so maybe she is pulled out with work for the borough. Cllr Amy Rushforth will I am sure, be backed wholeheartedly by the Labour Party whilst she draws breath. (That might be ‘whilst her Father draws breath’ Rothpol)

So, who will be running for the other seat?

Chairman of MTC, Cllr J Carratt has been turned down as a candidate by the Labour Party for the second year running.
Now, what if Ms Godfrey, Labour Group leader for Maltby and Hellaby Ward (who lives in Hellaby) were to be elected or Cllr L Astbury (newly elected and very inexperienced but of the Stringer family using her grandfather’s email address!)

Did I hear something about Labour wanting/needing more women as councillors … or am I being cynical or sexist or both?

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Gerald Smith case goes international – Swedish ‘Kristdemokraten’ picks it up!. Is still the most popular posting with a total of 624 as of midnight!

The Bank of Rotherham – From the Taxpayers Alliance.

The Bank of Rotherham

Andrew Allison Thursday 15 September 2011

At a time when Rotherham Council is cutting its budget and making some of its employees redundant, you wouldn’t think it had any spare cash to splash, would you?

Well, you’d be wrong, because the council who spent £2.9 million refurbishing its Town Hall (including £310,000 on chairs and coverings) has recently spent almost £10 million on furnishing its new multi-million pound offices. But that isn’t all it’s been using our money for. Read on…..

Well spotted by Simon. Remember our readers are our eyes and ears! See something interesting? Please let us know about it!

Rotherham’s record breaking political blog! 309 Hits yesterday! Record posting pushes new territory 546 and still counting!

Yesterday, 15th September, has broken all previous records by a country mile. We exceeded 300 hits on a single day for the first time with 309. The previous record day was back in July with 264 hits. Thanks to all of you that made this possible.

Our record breaking post, Gerald Smith case goes international – Swedish ‘Kristdemokraten’ picks it up!, has surged past the 500 mark with a total of 546 hits to date and attracting a record number of comments at 63!

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Gerald Smith case goes international – Swedish ‘Kristdemokraten’ picks it up! 41
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The Gerald Smith ‘Caution Cabinet Clown’ Files 19
Frustrated trying to find information on RMBC’s website? You are not alone. 16
When the spin doctor becomes the story? 16


When the spin doctor becomes the story?

Tom Sweetman by now must have realised that his activities have become the issue!

As ‘spin doctor in chief’ for Rotherham MBC his job was to manage the presentation of information, not to be exposed as manipulative, mendacious and less than straightforward in his dealings with opponents to RMBC’s proposed LDF.

Rotherham Politics have seen copies of emails that clearly indicate in detail, this duplicitous approach from Council Officers. The fact is that they have been rumbled and further attempts at Machiavellian manipulation will not work.

Time for an apology from Sweetman, I would have thought?