Jobs for the boys again? Darren Hughes and Robin Stonebridge.

So it looks like jobs for the boys again, Darren Hughes and Robin Stonebridge.

Just to remind your readers, Cllr Hughes stood as a Tory against Robin Stonebridge who was then the Labour Councillor for Anston and Woodsetts. Cllr Hughes took the seat from Robin, who no doubt was very unhappy about losing all that dosh.

Cllr Hughes then let down the people who voted for him by defecting to the Labour Party. Darren and Robin are now new best pals.

Shortly before Robins defeat at the Borough elections, Robin left the Parish Council at Anston saying he was being bullied by “certain” members of the public. Darren wrote to the Advertiser shortly after his resignation, lets remind him and everyone else what he said about his new best pal:

“It seems to me that Cllr Stonebridge is incapable of dealing with a meeting involving a few members of the public, pensioners so I have been informed, who obviously have issues to raise.
If Cllr Stonebridge is incapable of dealing with the Public at Parish Council meetings, how can he be effective and perform his duties as a Borough Councillor.
If he can`t handle a few pensioners then he should resign as a Borough Councillor immediately, as he clearly seems lacking in the necessary skills to perform this important role.
The last thing we need is another sheep who has no skills or opinions of his own and is simply herded by the labour hierarchy.
The condition of our roads defies belief, all under the administration of Cllr Stonebridge and his Labour colleagues – a Council that does as it pleases without listening to the public which it represents.
It is time that the people of Anston and Woodsetts and Rotherham as a whole sent a clear message to Rotherham`s Labour-controlled council. Its time for change.”

Hands up, all those who think Cllr Hughes will be speaking in Robins favour at selection time.

S Thornton

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A reflection on Robin Stonebridge’s fitness for office?

Regarding Robin Stonebridge seeking nomination for election to the Borough Council – we say ‘Whoa’!

This is the man who, when Chairman of Anston Parish Council and a Borough Councillor, verbally abused members of the public for example:

Member of the public –    “Are you speaking to me?”
Robin Stonebridge        – “No I am chewing a brick and it’s more intelligent than speaking to you”

Robin Stonebridge            Used a gavel in meeting and so hard it lifted him off his feet whilst he was screaming at a member of the public “Get out Get out”

Robin Stonebridge    –    Speaking about a member of the public in such a disparaging way that a senior and respected parishioner had to take him to task  “Chairman you are abusing your position.”

Robin Stonebridge    –    When he “resigned” or was he told to go?  made comments in Newspapers to the effect that the public were bullying him – Oh to see Yourself as you are seen and known by others.

Robin Stonebridge    –     Let us ask Robin Stonebridge NOW about the court case in which one (1) resident of Anston Village Green was having to fight to retain her vehicular access. This case, which the council was never going to win cost the taxpayers well in excess of £100K. 


See also: News of two more!

More Jottings from Anston – A “Quality Parish Council”

Fresh in from Mrs Overall:

October 2011

Well here we go again – Chaos is King

Cllr Ireland, Chair introducing items that were not on the agenda! – SO – Make it up as we go along, aren’t 3 days notice required by law? – YES and as Chairman he should know this!

Question: When is an Agenda not an Agenda

Answer: Why bother – it’s Anston Parish Council

Chairman – At it again – singling out Cllr Thornton re his letter on the Skate Park to the Advertiser

Question: Why single out Cllr Thornton when Cllr Dalton wrote and he himself wrote twice to the Newspapers in the past.

Queston: Why did the Chair not take issue with Cllr Dalton

Why did he not take issue with himself!!!

Answer: Let the public decide

Question: Why would the chair not answer when asked if there were untruths in the letter

Answer: There was no investigation into the Skate Park

Training: Quite right Cllr Jepson – Cllrs who don’t bother to attend should return the cost of thecourse

Question: Why was Cllr St.John trying to move this along by closing down the issue

Answer: Because he was one of the three who failed to attend – Taxpayer says £35 please.


Up to their tricks AGAIN buying land AGAIN won’t say where, won’t say cost, won’t say how much land, Keeping this secret from the public! Last time it cost us the ratepayer £30,000 plus wasting our money

Question: Do we the ratepayers want our money wasted

Answer: I’d say not SIT UP and take note ratepayers –



Ex Cllr Judith Reynolds (a member of the public) (asked) to join the Anston Stones Committee!

Surprise surprise she was voted on.

Question: Why were personal & prejudicial interests not declared by Cllr St.John & others.

Answer: Anston Labour Party Members

Election for South Anston Seat:

Chairman John Ireland read out the candidate’s names

Question: Why? He is not an electoral official

Answer: A delusion of self importance?

Election for South Anston Seat: again

Chairman – J Ireland asked the 2 candidates to stand and show themselves!

Question: WHY-Everyone present knew who they were

Answer: Can anybody explain this man?

Agenda ItemAgain

Cllr Ireland again introduced a non agenda item, re Cllr Brindley’s charity coffee morning

Cllr Thornton pointed out AGAIN this was not an agenda item.

Cllr Brindley rounded on Cllr Thornton AGAIN closely followed by an outburst from her husband in the public arena.

Question: Cllr Brindley why did you not put this down as an agenda item

Answer: No need – friend John sees her right

Question: Why did the Chair ignore Mr Brindley’s outburst

Answer: Selective deafness (would rather pick on 2 ladies who attend)

South Anston Election – AGAIN

Ex Cllr Mrs Judith Reynolds questioned the cost of the South Anston Election

Cllr Baker quite rightly pointed out that it is nothing to do with the parish, she needs to speak to the Electoral Office.

Question: Why did Cllr St.John sit back in his chair, fold his arms, grin at Mrs Reynolds and give her the thumbs up sign?

Answer: The question was orchestrated?

Well what a pantomime Cllr St.John – Hello Sailor!

Goodnight all

Mrs Overall

Labours dirty tricks in selection contests?

Rotherham Politics has learned that some selections are perhaps being managed by excluding members from the selection process by means of the simple expedient of failing to invite all qualified members to meetings!

Rotherham Labour Local Government Committee responsible for the selection process needs to up it’s game to ensure that manipulation such as this is stopped and those responsible brought to book. For a democratic party to indulge in such tricks is quite outrageous and indicates the malaise infecting the Labour Party in Rotherham.

One wonders who presides over this poor excuse for an LGC? Is this another manifestation of scum Labour?

Hoober Ward could be next to dump a dinosaur?

Reports that Frank Hodgkiss, Labour Member for Hoober Ward, is in serious difficulties support wise. It is rumoured, he may be the next to want more time with their families?

More news always wanted. Maurice Kirk? Alan Gosling? Anyone?

News of two more!

Thanks to readers it can now be reported that two more of next years crop have fallen on their own swords.

Firstly the veteran Councillor Sheila Walker, currently member for Keppel Ward largely made up of Thorpe Hesley, is standing down opening the way for some genuine fresh blood.

Labour, we have been told, will select their replacement next Wednesday. Should be one to watch!

Secondly, in a surprise move, Jo Burton, serving Labour member for Anston & Woodsetts Ward, has stood down a year early! This will, no doubt, add to the problems facing Anston & Woodsetts Labour as they are now in need of two candidates, with the added complication of quotas for women.

Darren Hughes, remember him? He won his seat four years ago as a Tory*! Defected to Labour and now hopes to be selected by Labour to be one of their candidates. Robin Stonebridge, we also understand is seeking support for his selection, as one of the two labour candidates, unfortunately for one of these two they, as you may have noticed, are both male!

Note: * Anston and Woodsetts Ward: Darren Jason Louis Hughes – A Tory who defected to Labour when the going got tough. This safe Tory seat that Darren Hughes took for them with 1704 votes and a whopping Tory majority of 520! Maybe it will be an uphill struggle for Labour, no matter which donkeys they pin their rosettes on?

Another one bites the dust!

News just in, Councillor Gerald D. Nightingale, member for Rother Vale Ward has stood down rather than do another four years.

I applaud the fact that he is reported to have done this voluntarily and wish that more amongst this years crop would do like wise!

Rocking Horse Droppings found in Rotherham?

Denis MacShaneDenisMacShane

Gd to see Tory MP in Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre mobile exhibition at Westminster. Located in Rotherham, great Labour legacy

MacShane’s tweet mentioning Rotherham, a very rare beast indeed!

Breaking News!! Selection fun in Holderness Ward – Gerald Smith dumps mate?

News just in of a selection upset in Holderness Ward where on Monday night Hilda Jack, the decidedly veteran councillor was deselected in favour of Chris Robinson!

Gerald Smith was reportedly behind the palace coup! She apparently was well beaten gaining little support for her reselection.

Another source has just told me, she hasn’t given up the fight and will try her luck in another ward struggling to achieve their female quota!!! Quite where she can find a ward, stupid enough to pick her, is another question entirely?

Update – A possible target ward for her is believed to be Brinsworth & Catcliffe according to some? If readers know more please let us know.

I am sorry for posting the incorrect information previously. This can be problem sometimes with breaking stories and I think my hearing must need checking?