Community Champion – We deal firstly with his complaint

An email dropped in my inbox Friday evening from P.J. Cawkwell, Rotherham Community Champion, Labour Party member, buddy of the Deputy Leader of RMBC Jahangir Akhtar and denizen of Conisborough, Doncaster, it read:


You are excluding me from Rotherham Politics simply because I don’t follow in line like xxxxxx and the other people you have on their, all back slapping and cheering each other on as you bully and harass the Borough Council and/or its Officers.  That continue’s to this day as I refuse to fall in line.

Actually, my letter in the Rotherham Advertiser was correct.  The website address was correct, the content was correct, your view on Chris was correct”

Firstly, You are not banned from Rotherham Politics, it is online for everyone to read.

As for making a comment, the reading of all three pages of About Rotherham Politics is advised, before making comments, as comments will not be published if adjudged to be outwith the spirit of basic etiquette that this blog subscribes to, along with most blogs of our kind. Having comments published, is not a right, but a privilege which recently yourself and others have abused.

The key to getting a comment published is for it to genuinely add to the debate or contribute new information on the subject matter under discussion. In your case, none of your recent comments pass any of the criteria above and consequently they have been rejected. You are very welcome to comment further in the future and hope you will enjoy greater success, as a result of reading this advice.

Secondly, your defence of my criticism of the falsehood contained within your ‘Tiser letter still contains a falsehood that I simply must challenge. I quote from your email; “your view on Chris was correct” This is simply an outrageous distortion of the truth!

I draw your attention once again to the post in question: The Bank of Rotherham – From the Taxpayers Alliance, please read it very carefully. This story, was free of opinion from either myself or on behalf of Rotherham Politics. We also have a disclaimer, I quote, “We are not responsible for the views of contributors, nor for the content that this site links to.”, that means we do not endorse the opinions found through links provided on this blog.

So It seems incredible, that you should continue to state that Rotherham Politics and/or it’s editor Rik, are opposed to Mr Chris Hamby or his project to revitalise High Street and it is offensive to us that you continue to repeat your undoubted libel, safe in the knowledge that ordinary folk have no chance of redress!

I will deal with the other element of your email separately as it appears to be dealing with another issue.


6 thoughts on “Community Champion – We deal firstly with his complaint

  1. How in the name of all that’s sane and reasonable can That Out-of-Town Man from Conisbrough want to make a complaint against a private members’ forum dealing with Rotherham Politics?

    Rulez iz Rules, even t’LayBah Grooip has rooilz, and iffen tha breks em then thaz barrd – simplez. The moderator’s decision on here is final, period.

    Even the Editor of t’Tiser has final say on what’s published. Remember Rovrum News, the discontinued “independent” Pravda for Town Hall Towers, well they decided what to publish or not – I should know cos they had letters a plenty from me – but guess what, they didn’t publish em. Ho hum 🙂

    This forum is a private forum and readers can read on here for free, but if they want to contribute then it has to be within the clearly posted rules and etiquette that is posted on the site and so easy to read for those with basic literary skills.

    As a very “Critical Friend” of the Corn Fed Hogs, Muppets and Clowns at Town Hall Towers it seems to me that Conisbrough Man is wanting to write his own rules and then impose them on those of us who are guests on this private forum, and who choose to abide by the forum rules.

    Maybe it’s time for Conisbrough Man to dig deep into his own sky rocket and set up his own web forum, something along the lines of “Rovrum Laybah Grooip Luvverz Pow-Wow” … ya nivver know he may be able to get sum public funding from t’Leeda to help things along … how’z £5 Million sound for starters, eh?

    I bet if he featured some of them new fangled civic artworks on his website that they’ve just splashed abart tarn then he’d likely get a grant from t’Booard that’s dishing art public dosh …


  2. Well, my name is lights, once again I see.

    I based my letter in the Rotherham Advertiser on what I had read on here from all people concerned – Editor, contributors, etc. I am not going to change my view simply because it doesn’t sit well with the people who are vindictively and quite maliciously going about their anti-RMBC crusade.

    I am Labour colleagues with Dep Leader Cllr Akhtar but then again, I am Labour colleagues with a lot of people, some members and some supporters of the Party. Why mention just him? The fact of the matter is that by mentioning Cllr Akhtar you appear to be trying to implicate him in something that isn’t anything to do with him or that he has knowledge of.

    I didn’t construct that e-mail as a ‘formal complaint’ but as an opinion that Rotherham Politics is NOT “Rotherham” at all. It is not ‘Politics” at all. It’s actually “Anti-RMBC Full Stop”. I happen to think this childish, immature way of treating Officers and Cllrs has got to stop as its damaging the fabric of our town. I have said that from day one, I even tried to advise on several subjects but this advice was never heeded.

    It doesn’t really bother me if Mr Buxton or Mr Foulds resents my opinions…I wear my heart on my sleeve and that is where it will stay. If you don’t like what I am, or agree with what I say, then either don’t look or let me know so we can have a mature debate. Censorship such as not being to contribute here whilst others have free reign to spread bad feeling and sometimes quite malicious lies about RMBC is another way in which people can see this is actually Anti-RMBC and nothing more.

    My attention was brought to Rotherham Politics by an article on here that contained an untruth about me and when the Editor was challenged he said ‘I was just going to ring you and check’…so what this tells me is that the Editor publishes lies about people and then waits a few days and then picks up the phone to check these lies are correct. I wonder if I hadn’t found that article, would the Editor have rang? No. Would I have been allowed to defend myself? No. Would this forum be full of the back slappers, chortling Tories it is at the moment? Yes.

    No further comment will be made on this issue.



    • JHC, there’s Tories on here, well twang my bra strap I thought they’d died out in Rovrum. They ain’t in existence in The Palace of Fun, Mirth and Varieties at Town Hall Towers … so tell us purleez dear Consbrough resident, voter and taxpayer, just who are these Tories in your opinion?

      As for your comments about Messrs Buxton and Foulds, of who I am distantly acquainted, I don’t think your opinions matter a jot to them … but I’m a tad curious why anti-RMBC opinions that are expressed are of so much concern to you, as Conisbrough Out-Of-Towner?


  3. Why is it that you assume anyone who’s against the town hall chimps must be a Tory? It’s a revealing point of view – anyone who criticises the Party must be an enemy. Haven’t you realised that so many people are anti-RMBC because they’re pro-Rotherham?


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