Questions for Cllr Ken Wyatt?

An observant Rotherham railway fan and council taxpayer “LNER A2 Pacific” has just read this interesting item on Cllr Ken Wyatt’s twitter page –!/kenwyatt/statuses/121157548815560704 which reads:

@kenwyatt Cllr Ken Wyatt

At North Yorks Moors Railway speaking on behalf of HLF at official opening event of ‘Train of Thought’.

Question – is this an official RMBC business visit that is funded and paid for by Rotherham council taxpayers?

Question – If it isn’t, then why publish it using the title of Cllr Ken Wyatt?

Question – if it is official RMBC business, then what does North York Moors Railway and Heritage Lottery Fund have to do with Rotherham council taxpayers and local politics?

Thanks for this from our observant informant. Councillor Ken Wyatt might like to provide answers to our readers?

Update: Thanks to another observant reader who has just sent us this link, that may provide some illumination?:

Might be summat to do wi this

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