Ken Wyatt – makes it in to Whitby Gazette

Duke’s Royal seal for station’s renovation

Published on Tuesday 4 October 2011

A ROYAL visit will today signal completion of the transformation of one of the stations on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

HRH the Duke of Gloucester will officially mark the successful completion of the restoration of Pickering station this morning.

The Train of Thought project was supported by just under £1million from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). Read on…..

2 thoughts on “Ken Wyatt – makes it in to Whitby Gazette

  1. OMG, please don’t tell me that now RMBC have silently abandoned Supertram in/out of Rotherham that they’re now looking at making a link from Rovrum Masbro to Pickering and on to Grosmont and Whitby 😦 …

    As a dedicated fanatical steam buff there’s nothing more I like to do than ride a steam train, particularly those overseas, but purleez I just can’t envisage SYPTE’s new and costly long-long-overdue Rovrum Stayshun as being a central hub of our nation’s steam enthusiasts …

    Ribblehead Viaduct and Blea Moor Crossing linking into Rovrum Sentrall with its town’s expensive new outdoor arty-farty left-wing lurvee artworks, etchings and scratchings … no, it doesn’t seem to fit somehow 🙂

    Our Ken’s gotta be up there on private business and not on Rovrum business, shoorlee?


  2. I wonder if ee went by train, er, or wozit somebody else’s car – well it dun’t reelly matter, so long as he gets his claims in proper and ee’s got his receets. Cos wi wunt wont anuther case like t’Leeda’s.


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