Labour can apologise – but not in ‘Scum Labour’ Rotherham

Michael Elmer, remember him? He came up with the term ‘Scum Labour’ to describe the secretive and corrupt ways that infect the ‘body politic’ through large swathes of labour’s northern ‘heartlands’.

Michael has kindly supplied the information for this tale of over zealousness of the Labour Party in their own Rule Book, of what constitutes a ‘secret society’. This story shows the contrast between the willing admission of their error and preparedness to apologise by labour nationally, with the failure of the Labour Party to deal with Gerald Smith’s outrageous libel of individuals and the Christian Democrats!

The contrast is stark and exposes the secretive and corrupt ways of ‘scum Labour’ Rotherham, when they won’t even get Gerald Smith, at least to apologise, for his own offensive statements strewn with factual inaccuracies and more than one actual libel and repeated to the point of egregiousness! Roger Stone, pictured left and the whole Labour Group are now making a laughing stock of themselves. The unnamed blue badge abuser being protected by Roger Stone, Jahangir Akhtar and Mahroof Hussain MBE among others, is not helping their own images nor their personal reputations one little bit! The reputation of labour, throughout Rotherham Borough, is being significantly damaged by these issues that remain un-addressed!

Nothing new there then!

This story, lifted from The Catholic Times and provided by Michael is largely self explanatory, I reproduce it below:

Ed Miliband, Labour Party Leader, is already struggling to stamp his authority on his party, he cannot be taken seriously, if Labour Rotherham remains in it’s current parlous state.

He starts to look very much like a Mr Bean character, tolerant of wrongdoing in local government in the very area he has his own Parliamentary Seat.

Ed Miliband must now get a grip on the Rotherham Labour Party and in particular, the Labour Group, if he will be wanting our votes, that is! Oh and sort out MacShane too!

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