Why do Progress publish MacShane diatribes?

“Progress is the New Labour pressure group which aims to promote a radical and progressive politics for the 21st century. Founded in 1996, we are an independent organisation of Labour party members and trade unionists.”

From the Progress website:

Labour and Tories fall out of love with the Poles

Denis MacShane Posted on 5 October 2011

“It is little secret that there is no love lost between the government and what should be their natural allies in Europe, the pro-American non-Eurozone centre-right government in Warsaw. Poland goes to the polls on Sunday and for the first time in its post-communist history the centre-right government of Donald Tusk’s Civic Platform is expected to be re-elected. Two key ministers – Radek Sikorski, the foreign minister, and Jacek Rostowksi, the finance minister – are both British-educated Poles close to the Conservative party.” Read on…………..

4 thoughts on “Why do Progress publish MacShane diatribes?

  1. Who’s MacSh**e?

    Why doesn’t he write with the same literary passion about the way that Rotherham folk, of all nationalities and ethnicities, are pratted about by RMBC?

    I’ve not seen or heard anything from Da Dokta offering to help the embattled Dalton OAP, Mr Arthur Newey … or indeed any Rovrum MP …

    I can’t wait to have a laugh when the Rovrum electorate ditch this laptop-loving garrij-working left-wing champagne and cream cheese scoffing, cottage in the Auvergne, pseudo socialist waste of rations …


    • I’m sure you can do better than that? What’s your view on MacShane’s expenses claims, for instance. As the only labour member currently commenting, we rely on your insights, even if they come from Conisborough.


      • Actually, I bet he can’t do any better than the meagre offering he’s already worked all night to offer … just read his paltry past literary offerings … tee hee

        He’s consistently been unable to come up with what he’s publically promised, he’s been unable to secure the access to those influential Laybah left-wing luvvies he thought may give him some space …

        Actually I feel a measure of sympathy for him … i.e. he doesn’t live in Rovrum, doesn’t vote in Rovrum, doesn’t have kids in Rovrum skools, doesn’t pay council tax in Rovrum …

        But he does check street lamps, dog poo and pot-holes here in Rovrum on a nowt-a-yard basis to help us in this better-than-Donny Borough town we have …

        Oh and he’s muckers on Facebook with the soon-to-be-crowned New Leeda …

        I really think he ought to get a bit more, find a mate and raise a Rovrum brood and brighten up his rosy red-tinted high-prescription complex-lensed life … but bless him he’s an Out-Of-Towner …

        Poor old Patrick, the only bloke in Da County who’s sprung to da defence of Da Dokta … even Da Leeda can’t be arsed ta do that … priceless, Patrick’s a star, a pure star


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