MacShane – Embarrassing ‘Balls’ Up!

Labour members from the three Rotherham Constituencies got together last Friday at the Trades Club in Rotherham, for a fund raiser. Guest of honour at the event was Labour MP and shadow chancellor, Ed Balls.

There was only one subject being discussed, was MacShane going to come? A whisper went round that no one had sold him any tickets, so they were confident he wouldn’t show and cause embarrassment to Ed Balls or the Labour Party, given his disgrace, ongoing police investigation and suspension of the Whip.

Just as everyone was beginning to relax, MacShane turned up at the door and after paying for a ticket was admitted. The ripple of embarrassed consternation that went around the room was palpable, Ed’s face was reportedly a picture! Anyone with a picture of this would be welcome to send us a copy, please?

MacShane cannot possibly have failed to notice this, even with his legendary, rhinoceros like, thick skin!

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4 thoughts on “MacShane – Embarrassing ‘Balls’ Up!

  1. It is not a ‘disgrace’ and I also did not notice anything like Ed Balls face looking disgusted, neither was anybody at all horrified when he turned up from what I’ve heard from people who attended.


      • Dear Rothpol,

        It sounds to me like there must be x2 of Da Dokta MacSh**es in Rovrum.

        Dare’s da geeza dat paid back over a grand of iz munnee dat eed overclaimed from da taxpayer, honest mistake guv innit, n den ad Laybah Whip wivdrawn, n oo da MetMan im lookin at wiv vigour for dem last 12 munffs ta see iffen iz sumz adz up rayt, and dat’s da same Rovrum Garrij geezer wot’s got 8 laptops …

        And den dare’s da deesunt geezer wot turned up at Trades Club door to be welcomed wiv open arms by iz Bruvvaz n Sistaz in Laybah Grooip wots all honest ardwukking geezers graftin for t’Tarn n its rezidents n ooz all mates wi im cos eez a diamond geezer …

        Dem’s gotta bee two diffrunt geezas innit 🙂


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