Jahangir and Mahroof take to You Tube – When will Roger do likewise?

Rotherham budget consultation with Cllr Jahangir Akhtar

Rotherham budget consultation with Cllr Mahroof Hussain M.B.E

I simply couldn’t resist the temptation to draw readers attention to these two attempts at consultation direct with the people. Time will tell if this experiment is going to be a success but it now painfully exposes the lack of similar from the Leader himself. I am pleased at this development and hope it develops further and becomes a part of a dialogue between the people and those who claim to serve them.

Forgive me for being a little cynical for one moment however, isn’t Jahangir the Leader apparent and Mahroof the MP apparent?

6 thoughts on “Jahangir and Mahroof take to You Tube – When will Roger do likewise?

  1. Mahroof Hussain – “make sure your voice is heard”

    The public’s problem with a statement like that from a Rotherham councillor, is that those public voices have been shouting loud and clear for many years, and the only result to-date is that those voices have been roundly ignored.

    A very very cautious welcome to these two, but they’re going to have to do more than present a video to us and they’re certainly going to have to ditch the Scum element of their beloved Labour Party.

    A big offer has been made by these two and a town awaits.

    One really good thing about the videos though – neither of ’em uttered the word “right” once!


  2. As a seasoned long-term “critical friend” of Rotherham MBC I wholeheartedly support these innovative efforts of Cllrs Jahangir Akhtar and Mahroof Hussain MBE to introduce a much more effective 21st century element into RMBC’s previous woeful, outdated and unsuccessful attempts at meaningful community consultation.

    I know them both to be honourable and highly principled Rotherham men who desire to serve ALL the communities in our great Rotherham town.

    I wish them every success in their efforts to steer the old bathtub leviathan RMBC onto a more productive and less confrontational course with the citizens of our wonderful Borough who freely elect councillors and pay them more than Sheffield City councillors to govern our town on our behalf with our consent.

    Of course, the large fly in the ointment will inevitably come when the consultations are done, the results garnered and analysed, reports produced and disseminated, and then conveniently ignored and overruled by the unreasonable actions of the famous Holderness Cabinet Clown who delights in imposed solutions against any community’s expressed will.

    Best of luck to you both, Jahangir and Mahroof.


  3. I would like to ask these two gentlemen how much the Sham Consultation on building on Rotherham Borough’s Greenbelt has cost.

    Mr Goulty told me that it was in the millions, and that although he was adamant that building on Bassingthorpe Farm and surrounding area was utterly wrong, he would not be able to argue against it, as he had to tow the Labour Party line.

    Why should we believe these two gentlemen, when they say our voice and opinions will count,? when the evidence has clearly shown over the years, they don’t care a jot.

    88% of the citizen of Rotherham who gave an opinion on building on our greenbelt objected. this echoes the same as at the last consultation, you see our voice is not heard.


  4. Just continuing on with Indigo’s comments; seeing as how our media stars have given us the opportunity to ‘make sure our voice is heard’ on their website.

    I think it only fair that we should reciprocate the gesture by giving them the opportunity to let their voices be heard on our website. Surely that’s fair enough.

    So, Messrs Akhtar and Hussain, where do you stand on the issue of building on greenbelt land at Bassingthorpe Farm and surrounding area.

    A town awaits.


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