Labour’s problem for 2012 – time to wield the knife?

This is the time of year that all local politicians dread, at least those involved in selection or reselection battles for next years May council elections, that is!

I bring you the full list of sitting labour councillors who’s term of office expires next May:

Anston and Woodsetts Ward: Darren Jason Louis HughesCon Lab – 1704 (520)
Boston Castle Ward: Mahroof Hussain – Lab 1545 (641)
Brinsworth and Catcliffe Ward:
Dinnington Ward: Simon Tweed – Lab 979 (117)
Hellaby Ward:
Holderness Ward: Hilda Landells Jack – Lab 1311 (515)
Hoober Ward: Frank Hodgkiss – Lab 1322 (465)
Keppel Ward: Sheila Walker – Lab 1069 (184)
Maltby Ward:
Rawmarsh Ward: Glyn Whelbourn – Lab 1291 (369)
Rother Vale Ward: Jeb Nightingale – Lab 1161 (392)
Rotherham East Ward: Maurice Richard Kirk – Lab 1163 (559)
Rotherham West Ward: Kath Sims – Lab 1227  (269)
Silverwood Ward: Ann Russell – Lab 1044 (138)
Sitwell Ward:
Swinton Ward: Ken Wyatt –Lab 1341 (332)
Valley Ward: Simon Currie – Lab 982 (171)
Wales Ward:
Wath Ward: Alan Gosling – Lab 1461 (619)
Wickersley Ward:
Wingfield Ward: Lindsay Johnston – Lab 1110 (118)

They aren’t a pretty bunch are they? If Labour intends to field more than just a mere few of these miserable specimens as their candidates again, the people of Rotherham should rightly conclude that the local labour party is taking them for fools!

Stop Press – Interesting information coming in, on one of these political dinosaurs. Bring it to you once examined. Got something interesting? Let us know!

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