Spotted by A Friend of Old Rotherham – not to be missed!

A Friend of Old Rotherham spotted this piece of vomit-inducing self-publicity from Da Dokta MacSh**e.

Thank goodness he’s not my MP, but I pity those who he purports to represent and who pay him a shedload of ackers to look after the Rotherham Parliamentary Constituency. He gives nowhere near the same level of public service as my MP, John Healey Esq.

Just what do Da Dokta’s “challenges in the South East of Europe” have to do with the Metropolitan Borough of Rotherham in South Yorkshire?!/DenisMacShane/statuses/128113246019387394

As our town continues to suffer from the global and national recession and the end of our local traditional heavy industries just how does this ungrateful wretch look after his flock … by bogeying off to Brussels for dinner … yuk … and self-promoting his new book … yuk to that too.

Ah well I suppose it does go to show that you can even write a book from a garrij here in Rovrum using one of your eight taxpayer-bought laptops!

Roll on election time and let’s get someone in post who does give a care about their constituents … perhaps someone like Cllr Mahroof Hussain MBE who does look after the residents of his ward.

Kind Regards,

A Friend of Old Rotherham

3 thoughts on “Spotted by A Friend of Old Rotherham – not to be missed!

  1. I’ve said this on many occasions and I will say it again.

    I like Denis but don’t hold a lot of truck with some of views.

    This ranges from Palestine to issues such as this…personally, I’d like to see him pounding the beat like so many Cllrs/MP’s/volunteers to bang that drum for Rotherham.

    This isn’t to say he doesn’t do it anyway, but, activities such as this should be kept for August when he and other MP’s are on official holiday.


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