Doncaster – Councillors in mobile phone abuse scandal

Fridays Yorkshire Post saw this story of abuse, mostly by councillors, exposed!

Councillors lose free mobile phones after bills scandal

Published on Friday 21 October 2011

ABUSE of mobile phones will stop at a council where employees ran up unauthorised charges of thousands of pounds, according to those behind a new policy designed to crack down on the problem.

Doncaster Council said it was set to save £100,000 a year on its bill after officers carried out a root and branch review of its policy, with new, stringent limits being placed on mobile use. Read on………

Ed Miliband, Rosie Winterton and Caroline Flint are all Doncaster MPs! Oh dear, how embarrassing! Donnygate2 anyone?

An observant reader spotted this from the London Evening Standard. This form of abuse appears to be widespread and very wasteful of public money. What’s the Rotherham position on this? Councils ‘waste’ £500,000 on Blackberry and key fob courses

1 thought on “Doncaster – Councillors in mobile phone abuse scandal

  1. Surprising silence from Conisborough? Glad he can’t defend these greedy oiks that still inhabit the Ton Hall in Doncaster. £100,000.00 is one hell of a lot of phone calls!


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