Hoober Ward could be next to dump a dinosaur?

Reports that Frank Hodgkiss, Labour Member for Hoober Ward, is in serious difficulties support wise. It is rumoured, he may be the next to want more time with their families?

More news always wanted. Maurice Kirk? Alan Gosling? Anyone?

7 thoughts on “Hoober Ward could be next to dump a dinosaur?

  1. Eer we go, eer we go, eer we go,
    Eer we go, eer we go, eer we go,

    The citizens, united, will never be deafeted 🙂
    The citizens, united, will never be deafeted 🙂

    What with all this “hush hush” news coming into Rothpol, it’s obvious that we’ve cracked the Enigma Code so-to-speak and that there’s more than one “Garbo” embedded in wiv da bruvvaz n sistaz.

    Not that I ever, for one minute, thought that Town Hall Towers and t’Laybah Grooip were owt like GCHQ for security … more like Fawlty Towers 🙂


      • Hiya Patrick,

        Answer to your Q = NO.

        My Reason = through enforced taxation I already pay people a lot more ££ than Sheffield CC elected members to ensure the interests of me and my family. I don’t therefore have a dog and bark 🙂

        My Strategy = to ensure that the Nolan Principles for Public Life are observed by ALL elected members and officers of RMBC and that where those instances have not occurred they are brought to the public attention of many citizens as possible.

        Q = Am I hostile to Labour per se?

        A = Nope deffo no, just to the junketing coterie of Corn Fed Hogs, Muppets and Clowns who currently dominate Da Rovrum Laybah Grooip.


  2. The view from Brampton. They have had a bellyful of this arrogant man and want so see him gone. Anyone in doubt, just needs to call in Cortonwood Club and they will discover this for themselves.


  3. Will you be putting yourself forward for position of Cllr?
    A deceptively simple question that requires a simple answer.

    I would suggest, however, that this is one of those ‘loaded’ questions so beloved of politicos everywhere. Predicated, as it is, on the assumption that citizens only have rights to criticise if they put themselves forward for election! Outrageously misleading to the more casual reader.

    My rights as a citizen are not acquired by standing in a public election, nor by political party membership, as in your case but by virtue of having been born here! I get these rights without having to do anything to qualify for them.

    I have not, to date, been a candidate in any public election but have exercised my democratic rights by helping others through the minefield of arcane rules and regulations that must be navigated to ensure that attention can be turned to actual campaigning! That is as valid a way of exercising my rights as any other.


  4. I can’t wait until the Conisbrough Canary puts his money where his mouth is and puts himself up for election, then we’ll all be able to benefit from his Kissingeresque influence that he’ll be able to bring to the benefit of the residents of Rotherham.

    Oh, hang on … oh yes, he promised that with the Grald Smith affair and failed miserably!


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