News of two more!

Thanks to readers it can now be reported that two more of next years crop have fallen on their own swords.

Firstly the veteran Councillor Sheila Walker, currently member for Keppel Ward largely made up of Thorpe Hesley, is standing down opening the way for some genuine fresh blood.

Labour, we have been told, will select their replacement next Wednesday. Should be one to watch!

Secondly, in a surprise move, Jo Burton, serving Labour member for Anston & Woodsetts Ward, has stood down a year early! This will, no doubt, add to the problems facing Anston & Woodsetts Labour as they are now in need of two candidates, with the added complication of quotas for women.

Darren Hughes, remember him? He won his seat four years ago as a Tory*! Defected to Labour and now hopes to be selected by Labour to be one of their candidates. Robin Stonebridge, we also understand is seeking support for his selection, as one of the two labour candidates, unfortunately for one of these two they, as you may have noticed, are both male!

Note: * Anston and Woodsetts Ward: Darren Jason Louis Hughes – A Tory who defected to Labour when the going got tough. This safe Tory seat that Darren Hughes took for them with 1704 votes and a whopping Tory majority of 520! Maybe it will be an uphill struggle for Labour, no matter which donkeys they pin their rosettes on?

7 thoughts on “News of two more!

  1. And so it starts …

    Rovrum Laybah Grooip’s turmoil is pure joy to behold and bear witness to …

    can there be more I ask myself …

    I just can’t wait for the next episode of “Tales From Town Hall Towers” and to find out what uvver bruvvaz n sistaz has been shafted by Da Dodger n iz Politburo muckers 🙂

    I always knew that hunting season would open up on the Corn Fed Hogs, Muppets and Clowns …


  2. Defectors, lechers, leeches, junketers and other ne’er do wells, line up! line up! – there’s a place for you with Scum Labour. Don’t bother about principles, there’s no need for anything as restricting as those. Line up! line up!

    Come on, come on, form a disorderly queue, there’s plenty of room for your snouts in the trough.


  3. So it looks like jobs for the boys (again) (Darren Hughes and Robin Stonebridge). Just to remind your viewers, Cllr Hughes stood as a Tory against Robin Stonebridge who was then the Labour Councillor for Anston and Woodsetts. Cllr Hughes took the seat from Robin, who no doubt was very unhappy about losing all that dosh. Cllr Hughes then let down the people who voted for him by defecting to the Labour Party (would`nt stand for re-election, shame on him). Darren and Robin are now new best pals.
    Shortly before Robins defeat, he left the Parish Council at Anston saying he was being bullied by “certain” members of the public. Darren wrote to the Advertiser shortly after his resignation, lets remind him and everyone else what he said about his new best pal.
    “It seems to me that Cllr Stonebridge is incapable of dealing with a meeting involving a few members of the public, pensioners so I have been informed, who obviously have issues to raise”.
    “If Cllr Stonebridge is incapable of dealing with the Public at Parish Council meetings, how can he be effective and perform his duties as a Borough Councillor”.
    If he can`t handle a few pensioners then he should resign as a Borough Councillor immediately, as he clearly seems lacking in the necessary skills to perform this important role”.
    “The last thing we need is another sheep who has no skills or opinions of his own and is simply hearded by the labour hierarchy”.
    “The condition of our roads defies belief, all under the administration of Cllr Stonebridge and his Labour colleagues- a Council that does as it pleases without listening to the public which it represents”.
    “It is time that the people of Anston and Woodsetts and Rotherham as a whole sent a clear message to Rotherham`s Labour-controlled council. Its time for change”.

    Hands up, all those who think Cllr Hughes will be speaking in Robins favour at selection time.


  4. Again I will bring up my pet subject on how Labour keep control, don’t let the public have the same rights as the councillors. I can not ask a question at Anston council because I live in Dinnington, and the same applies to any one from Anston at Dinnington council meetings. Yet each council has councillors parachuted in by Labour from all over the area, Unless like Hughes you decide to prostitute your politics. I will be standing against a Labour councillor in May next year for the Dinnington ward and oddly enough Simon Tweed resides in Woodsetts.


    • Simon Tweed resides in Woodsetts, Richard Russell lives in Brampton Bierlow/West Melton or Wath as he likes to claim is some distance from Dinnington and the latest Labour Donkey isn’t a local either? Labour is beginning to take the piss big time!


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