More Jottings from Anston – A “Quality Parish Council”

Fresh in from Mrs Overall:

October 2011

Well here we go again – Chaos is King

Cllr Ireland, Chair introducing items that were not on the agenda! – SO – Make it up as we go along, aren’t 3 days notice required by law? – YES and as Chairman he should know this!

Question: When is an Agenda not an Agenda

Answer: Why bother – it’s Anston Parish Council

Chairman – At it again – singling out Cllr Thornton re his letter on the Skate Park to the Advertiser

Question: Why single out Cllr Thornton when Cllr Dalton wrote and he himself wrote twice to the Newspapers in the past.

Queston: Why did the Chair not take issue with Cllr Dalton

Why did he not take issue with himself!!!

Answer: Let the public decide

Question: Why would the chair not answer when asked if there were untruths in the letter

Answer: There was no investigation into the Skate Park

Training: Quite right Cllr Jepson – Cllrs who don’t bother to attend should return the cost of thecourse

Question: Why was Cllr St.John trying to move this along by closing down the issue

Answer: Because he was one of the three who failed to attend – Taxpayer says £35 please.


Up to their tricks AGAIN buying land AGAIN won’t say where, won’t say cost, won’t say how much land, Keeping this secret from the public! Last time it cost us the ratepayer £30,000 plus wasting our money

Question: Do we the ratepayers want our money wasted

Answer: I’d say not SIT UP and take note ratepayers –



Ex Cllr Judith Reynolds (a member of the public) (asked) to join the Anston Stones Committee!

Surprise surprise she was voted on.

Question: Why were personal & prejudicial interests not declared by Cllr St.John & others.

Answer: Anston Labour Party Members

Election for South Anston Seat:

Chairman John Ireland read out the candidate’s names

Question: Why? He is not an electoral official

Answer: A delusion of self importance?

Election for South Anston Seat: again

Chairman – J Ireland asked the 2 candidates to stand and show themselves!

Question: WHY-Everyone present knew who they were

Answer: Can anybody explain this man?

Agenda ItemAgain

Cllr Ireland again introduced a non agenda item, re Cllr Brindley’s charity coffee morning

Cllr Thornton pointed out AGAIN this was not an agenda item.

Cllr Brindley rounded on Cllr Thornton AGAIN closely followed by an outburst from her husband in the public arena.

Question: Cllr Brindley why did you not put this down as an agenda item

Answer: No need – friend John sees her right

Question: Why did the Chair ignore Mr Brindley’s outburst

Answer: Selective deafness (would rather pick on 2 ladies who attend)

South Anston Election – AGAIN

Ex Cllr Mrs Judith Reynolds questioned the cost of the South Anston Election

Cllr Baker quite rightly pointed out that it is nothing to do with the parish, she needs to speak to the Electoral Office.

Question: Why did Cllr St.John sit back in his chair, fold his arms, grin at Mrs Reynolds and give her the thumbs up sign?

Answer: The question was orchestrated?

Well what a pantomime Cllr St.John – Hello Sailor!

Goodnight all

Mrs Overall

3 thoughts on “More Jottings from Anston – A “Quality Parish Council”

    • Er, before anything goes to the Standards Board, it has to go to the Standards Committee at Rotherham Council first – yer know, the Committee that’s selected by Scum Labour and their lickspittle lackies.

      And what political persuasion are the above perpetrators – why, I’ll be blowed, they’re all Scum Labour.



  1. Is it NOT time for all Council Meetings to be filmed and broadcast on RMBC website.

    Only then will the citizens of Rotherham, who pay for this debacle, realise how incompetent these , polite words fail me, morons are.

    They are after all accountable to US.


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