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Labour warned ‘party machine corrupt and rotten’ over a year ago! – why has nothing been done until now?

Those involved with Rotherham Politics have always been aware, that in Yorkshire at least, the ‘party machine was corrupt and rotten’ and badly in need of a shake-up. This phenomenon was named ‘scum labour’ by Michael Elmer and we feel … Continue reading

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Cabinet in the Community – can we have them too?

Sheffield City Council, more progressive and inclusive than Rotherham in so many ways has stolen a march on Rotherham with their latest initiative, Cabinet in the Community. Taking the Cabinet to the community! A brilliant idea. Could we have this … Continue reading

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Doing the rounds – Euro crisis humour

This arrived in Rothpol’s inbox, couldn’t resist sharing it with readers. Little Greek Village – How the bailout package works It is a slow day in a little Greek Village. The rain is beating down and the streets are deserted. … Continue reading

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Who has trodden on Kevin’s corns?

Kevin Barron, remember him? Readers rarely hear about him on Rotherham Politics. He is the MP for Rother Valley and normally absent from Rotherham’s very own newspaper of record, the Advertiser. Outside of election periods, that is? Clearly irritated, Kevin … Continue reading

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Institute for Fiscal Studies – Worrying conclusions for Rotherham in new report

The IFS (Institute for Fiscal Studies) has recently released it’s report, School funding reform: an empirical analysis of options for a national funding formula. Despite it’s rather anodyne title, it has some very worrying conclusions about the future of education … Continue reading

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Cameron demonises public sector workers it’s all been said before

The airwaves are chocked solid with negative stories about the public sector workers and their planned strike next Wednesday, 30th November. For anyone left who doesn’t think the strike is justified you need look no further than this coverage, which … Continue reading

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Buy Private Eye’s new issue 1302 – worth every penny this week

The new Edition of Private Eye’s Rotten Boroughs section, has a cautionary tale of a blogger under attack, this time in Barnet, of all places! The story, outlines the attempt by Barnet Council’s imaginative legal team who thought they could … Continue reading

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