Grant Shapps: “A lot of people who are in council houses have second homes”

Grant Shapps: “A lot of people who are in council houses have second homes, and they rent out their main home or the council home. That is another scandal that I am sure he will appreciate our bringing to an end.” Hansard Monday 31st October 2011.

Is Grant Shapps perhaps, a mind reader?

7 thoughts on “Grant Shapps: “A lot of people who are in council houses have second homes”

  1. Er, isn’t it the case that one of Rotherham Council’s councillors lives in a council house and yet owns her own home. And isn’t it the case that said properties are actually less than a mile apart???


  2. Oh no, does that mean that beyond the gaze of my rosy red complex-lens high-prescription scummy Laybah eyeglasses that da socialist sistaz n bruvvaz that we pay a lot more than Sheffield CC elected members to look after us from cradle to grave are “at it” – so to speak?

    And there’s me thinking that those awful days of spivs and I’m-Alright-Jacks had disappeared along with the coal mines, steel mills and other Rotherham heavy manufacturing that we once had.

    Looks like Councillor Fillzisface was right not so long back when he proudly grunted: “We earn our corn”.

    I only wish he’d enlightened us as to exactly how he and the other Corn Fed Hogs, Muppets and Clowns did earn their corn – I clearly misundertood what he meant cos I thought he was referring to working hard on behalf of Rotherham citizens and residents and not filling his boots and bellies through grubbing at the civic trough.

    Oh how I wish we had an Eric Pickles-type Councillor on Rotherham Council who could have a field day smartening up these junketing self-interest apologies that infest the Rovrum Laybah Grooip.


      • Dear Patrick,

        Thank you for your contribution. I sincerely hope for your public reputation’s sake that you are indeed right and that every single word of the above is just some John Innes slinging from the Nasty Party.

        However, what if, just suppose, it were indeed the case that a bruvva or sista in da Rovrum Laybah Grooip had been getting themselves a council pad while still the owner of their own personal drum in Rovrum?

        Would you still dismiss that blatant piece of opportunistic self-advantage-making as Tory twaddle?

        Or as a good socialist like me, would you utterly condemn them and their muckers for obtaining a council pad while having their own drum and thus denying the most needy in our community of a council property?

        I take it that Rovrum still has a long long waiting list of needy souls for council properties?

        Let’s wait and see what happens with this story cos I’ve every confidence that you may well be very surprised indeed 🙂


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