Rotherham’s disgraceful parade gets ever longer!

Rotherham is rapidly building up an increasingly long list of councillors guilty of acting outrageously but go, as yet, unpunished by the Rotherham Labour Local Government Committee, Labour Group or the Yorkshire & Humberside Regional Labour Party.

The labour Party should hang it’s head in shame for the disgraceful way that in Rotherham, actions that would result in Party expulsion anywhere else, are actively tolerated and the guilty not only go unpunished but are protected! These outrages must stop! The Labour Party must deal with it’s own dirty washing, before it makes the description ‘Scum Labour’ entirely apt!

Gerald Smith is both a borough and parish councillor. So disgraceful has this this man’s behaviour been over the years, that it is most certainly time he paid the price for them. What we have never been able to understand is, why Rotherham and the Regional Labour Party have not acted before to rid the town of this flawed man. Read all about Gerald Smith, Police caution and all! Read on…..

Rotherham’s very own Blue Badge abusing councillor, still evading justice, or at least the wrath of the public, hiding like the coward that he is, behind a wall of silence from Labour Group. Read on….

This situation cannot continue, Labour must deal with this without further delay.


The latest tale of abuse of position comes to our attention.

The ‘Two Homes Scandal’, described by Grant Shapps on Monday in parliament, comes to Rotherham with the ‘I’m-Alright-Jacks’.

Is this yet another manifestation of ‘Scum Labour’ in action?

Yet another tale of council mismanagement and abuse of power is, I understand, about to break and will be carrying it here soonest!

Bringing up the rear, is our very own Parliamentarian, currently in disgrace. Ongoing Police investigation, We have checked! This man is either extraordinarily greedy or a crook. We shall see which one in due course!

The full sorry tale can be found Here…..

1 thought on “Rotherham’s disgraceful parade gets ever longer!

  1. There was a time when a litany of wrongdoing such as this, would have resulted in the Local Government Committee being shut down by the Labour Party and the rubbish cleaned out!

    Why do the Labour Party ignore Rotherham’s systemic problems?

    They don’t care seems to be the only possible answer!


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