RMBC tried to sting NHS for almost £250,000! Part One

Rotherham’s very own, ‘Tiser brought readers the front page story, Parking ploy is branded ‘Obnoxious’, no link I am afraid ‘Tiser has not put it online yet, pity!

Gareth Dennison’s excellent article covered all the important angles to the story, however in a Newspaper, space is at a premium, especially so with a front page story! This tale deserves a more detailed telling so that the full significance of what actually occurred two years ago is brought out.

This case is instructive for us and tells this sorry tale that was uncovered by Don Buxton who describes himself as “an active and empowered citizen” with assistance from Trambuster and what they discovered, amazed and horrified them in equal measure, ‘obnoxious’ is an apt word to use. I am afraid, words failed me, when I first learned of this outrageous and rather grubby episode. This may not be an isolated example of abuse of the provisions of 106 agreements and may yet turn out to be the tip of an iceberg! We shall see? The headline above would seem to me the only truthful way to put it in Yorkshire, the home of plain speaking.

Our tale starts with Don Buxton’s recent trip to Rotherham District General Hospital. Don’s experience, like most of us parking at RDGH, was a nightmare! When Don discovered that he had more time to wait for his appointment than expected, he decided to go for a walk, straight to reception and then on to the Chief Executives Secretary, Julie.

Don expressed his feelings about the state of car parking to her and feeling that at least he had made his point, attended for his appointment blissfully unaware that he had started a train of events that uncovered this disgraceful attempt to sting Rotherham’s General Hospital and our National Health Service for almost a quarter of a million pounds! Although Julie had taken Don’s contact details and had assured him he would be getting a response, he had little expectation of the revelations to come. That is where we will leave the story for now, Part Two later.

3 thoughts on “RMBC tried to sting NHS for almost £250,000! Part One

  1. Rotherham Council is quite simply inept – when they’e got their own (OUR!) money, they cock things up and then when they try to get hold of other people’s money (OURS again), they cock things up even worse.
    They really are totally and utterly shambolic.


  2. I’ve been wondering what response this exclusive Tiser story would draw from da socialist bruvvaz n sistaz in da Rovrum Laybah Grooip …

    Would they be expressing their incandescent Laybah rage at these toxic salaried lickspittles who’ve tried to shaft the local NHS to the tune of £247,500 …

    I needn’t have worried because exactly true to form here they are in the Twitter shape of our newest Wickersley Ward parachute champion, Chris Read, deciding to blame all the NHS’s ills on da Tawrwiz – ■Hot off the presses… http://t.co/wUGItXCP 12 hours ago

    And not a mention of how da Laybah Grooip so very nearly took away £247,500 worth of patient care from Rotherham District General Hospital … shame on these scummy sham socialists … grrrrr


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