Rotherham’s very own ‘Call me Dave’ in name confusion

Rotherham’s very own ‘Call me Dave’, has difficulty remembering his own name correctly, it would appear! I speak of  Councillor Dave Pickering, who is currently Deputy Mayor and therefore next years, Mayor of Rotherham.

Our story starts in March 2007, when David Pickering, decided that Dave Pickering sounded much better and made a statutory declaration to the world at Rotherham Magistrates Court that from then on wished to be known as Dave. Download pdf reference.

‘Call me Dave’ got on with life as Dave without apparent difficulty. Until May 4th 2011, that is, when he was called upon to provide a witness statement for the self same Court he had been in in 2007 declaring his name change.

On May 4th 2011, ‘Call me Dave’ gave this witness statement, Download pdf here. This one is a real insight into the mindset and abilities of David ‘Call me Dave’ Pickering! Firstly he uses the now defunct name of David Pickering. Secondly he claims his occupation as Councillor, complete with a howler of a misspelling!

Just in case ‘Call me Dave’ Pickering, or any of the other councillors on Rotherham MBC, for that matter, being a councillor is not an occupation! Nor is it employment, if it were they would be Officers and would therefore, be barred from being a councillor! It is a circular argument I know, but I would have thought that at least Labour Group members would be familiar with this rather important distinction. Pay packet, in this instance, does not equal job! Simples, as it is said!

The mindset that views being a councillor as an occupation, speaks volumes as to attitudes prevalent amongst Labour members of the Council and goes to the heart of what is wrong in ‘Scum Labour’, Rotherham.

This story was made possible by the efforts of ‘a Rotherham citizen’ to whom we are very grateful.

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