Mahroof breaks the ‘golden rule’ – Stay out of the ‘Tiser at all costs!

For many years now it has been a ‘golden rule’ of the Labour Group that members should stay out of the ‘Tiser at all costs. With good reason. Few would pass muster, if they came under close scrutiny from a journalist!

Mahroof has unwittingly made himself look very foolish indeed. I presume his political calculation was, I am up for re-election next year and this is an opportunity, too good to miss, to appear to be on my constituents side and anyway, there are few votes for me among the visitors to RDGH.

So impatient was Mahroof to chat with Gareth Dennison, that he failed to check with the Council Press Office to see if there were any other issues that might be appearing in the same edition as his own piece was published! A fundamental error! Especially so in someone with parliamentary pretensions! Oh dear!

The Press Office had in fact, been dealing with another but related story, and had issued a statement to Phil Turner of the ‘Tiser. Had he bothered to inquire would have discovered this, but he failed to do this quite inexplicably? This begs the question as to Mahroof’s loyalties, has he gone freelance? Certainly does not appear to be a good team player at the very least?

Readers may wish to read Mahroof Hussain MBE Councillor for Boston Castle Ward. If you have not already read it, Jahangir and Mahroof take to You Tube – When will Roger do likewise? May at least give you some amusement. This letter on the ‘Tiser website says it all and may prove to be just a portent of the row to come?

1 thought on “Mahroof breaks the ‘golden rule’ – Stay out of the ‘Tiser at all costs!

  1. Well well well, our very own aspirant MP, Cllr Mahrood Hussain, MBE, has stupidly kicked up a hornet’s nest with his ill-judged and inept response to a recent Tiser story, just read what a Tiser reader has to say in response to Cllr Hussain’s petulant tirade –

    It may well be that this clown’s dream of being the MP that replaces Da Dokta MacSh**te has now been consigned to File WPB. I bet Yorkshire & Humber Labour Party are looking at his response with utter disbelief.

    I am certain a much more seasoned and pragmatic politician like our Deputy Leader, Cllr Jahangir Akhtar, would never have put giant foot in giant mouth like poor old Cllr Hussain has so publically done.

    Still, that’s why Cllr Akhtar will be the next RMBC Leader, and Cllr Hussain won’t become the next Rotherham MP.

    Thanks Cllr Hussain for showing the Rotherham voting public your true colours and your incredibly inept and poor judgement. Bahot Shukria. Merci Beaucoups. Ta very much 🙂


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