South Anston by-election results and congratulations



Many Congratulations Gordon Jarvis on winning the seat in the South Anston Ward.


Congratulations to the people of South Anston for voting in:

An honest, reliable, committed and totally independent candidate.

Number of Votes:
GEE, Anthony            Independent        78 votes
JARVIS, Gordon        Independent       460 votes

A resounding victory.

We are sure Gordon will represent us, the people of South Anston with all his skill and integrity

All Best Wishes & Regards

Monica & Peter Barnes
South Anston

4 thoughts on “South Anston by-election results and congratulations

  1. Great to see democracy properly exercised, on this occasion at least. Congratulations to both candidates for this, and congratulations to the victor Gordon Jarvis and we would like to wish him well on Anston Parish Council.


  2. It is to be hoped that councillors treat Cllr Jarvis better than they did ex Cllr Peter Barnes.
    His treatment at the hands of certain members of Anston Parish Council was disgraceful.
    Credit to Monica & Peter Barnes on acknowledging Gordon Jarvis’ victory.

    Congratulations from us also Gordon.

    Valerie Sheldon-Ennis
    Hilary Estrada-Haigh


  3. Did you know that you stand for election to any town or parish council within a three mile radius where you live. For instance Anston parish council has councillors from Dinnington, Kiveton and Canklow, Dinnington has a borough councillor who doubles as a town councillor and he lives in Woodsetts. However if you come outside the area of Anston parish council you are not allowed to speak or ask a question, The same also applies to Dinnington. I would say that this is double standards and also undemocratic.


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