Buy Private Eye’s new issue 1302 – worth every penny this week

The new Edition of Private Eye’s Rotten Boroughs section, has a cautionary tale of a blogger under attack, this time in Barnet, of all places!

The story, outlines the attempt by Barnet Council’s imaginative legal team who thought they could use Data Protection legislation to shut a blogging critic up. Back in May, Barnet Council made a complaint to the Information Commissioner, claiming outrageously that Mr Mustard was “an unregistered Data Controller.”

This would , if successful, have been important to all bloggers as the penalties would have been considerable. Thankfully the Information Commissioner emphatically ruled in the bloggers favour, leaving some red faces at Barnet Council.

Bloggers, commenting on contemporaneous matters everywhere, face difficulties caused by those they seek to scrutinise coming up with evermore ingenious ways to create a climate of fear in an attempt to stop us. All bloggers need to be vigilant about these attempts to shut us down and must resist them. Ultimately It won’t work of course, but the pesky blighters keep on trying, nevertheless!

Readers may wish to look at Mr Mustards excellent piece on his blog, Read it here.

By far the easiest way to get your hands on future copies and get it a day before it hits the street through your own letterbox, is to subscribe, click here, to save money as well!

2 thoughts on “Buy Private Eye’s new issue 1302 – worth every penny this week

  1. Thank you for your support Rotherham Politics & readers. Unless there is openness and transparency in Town Halls up and down the land, mad and bad things done by councils will be hushed up.


    • Thanks for the comment. You are very welcome. At Rotherham Politics we believe that bloggers must stick together to protect our less than extensive rights by comparison with the States. Exposure is our weapon, we must use it effectively! I have placed a link on the rt hand column to your excellent blog, a reciprocal link would be appreciated.


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