Tales from the Town Hall – adds fuel to the fire – Rotherham Council: What A Pantomime!

The quite wonderful, Tales from the Town Hall, has covered this tale of Council failure to follow it’s own rules:

Rotherham Council: What A Pantomime!
For years Rotherham Council has been putting up a hoarding on the side of its arts centre advertising the town’s pantomime. But, thanks to the savvy of one of the town’s more outspoken citizens, it now appears the council has never had planning permission to erect the advertising hoarding. This from a council that recently took a pensioner to court for advertising on the side of his home details of his son’s business. Read story……

Mahroof breaks the ‘golden rule’ – Stay out of the ‘Tiser at all costs!

For many years now it has been a ‘golden rule’ of the Labour Group that members should stay out of the ‘Tiser at all costs. With good reason. Few would pass muster, if they came under close scrutiny from a journalist!

Mahroof has unwittingly made himself look very foolish indeed. I presume his political calculation was, I am up for re-election next year and this is an opportunity, too good to miss, to appear to be on my constituents side and anyway, there are few votes for me among the visitors to RDGH.

So impatient was Mahroof to chat with Gareth Dennison, that he failed to check with the Council Press Office to see if there were any other issues that might be appearing in the same edition as his own piece was published! A fundamental error! Especially so in someone with parliamentary pretensions! Oh dear!

The Press Office had in fact, been dealing with another but related story, and had issued a statement to Phil Turner of the ‘Tiser. Had he bothered to inquire would have discovered this, but he failed to do this quite inexplicably? This begs the question as to Mahroof’s loyalties, has he gone freelance? Certainly does not appear to be a good team player at the very least?

Readers may wish to read Mahroof Hussain MBE Councillor for Boston Castle Ward. If you have not already read it, Jahangir and Mahroof take to You Tube – When will Roger do likewise? May at least give you some amusement. This letter on the ‘Tiser website says it all and may prove to be just a portent of the row to come?

Yorkshire Post – Giant mistake as council puts up Jack and Beanstalk poster

Giant mistake as council puts up Jack and Beanstalk poster

Published on Saturday 19 November 2011 06:00

BLUNDERING council chiefs have been left red-faced after they put up a giant Christmas panto poster – and broke their own planning rules. Read on…..

Well done, to the Yorkshire Post, for picking up on this. You couldn’t make it up!

South Anston by-election results and congratulations



Many Congratulations Gordon Jarvis on winning the seat in the South Anston Ward.


Congratulations to the people of South Anston for voting in:

An honest, reliable, committed and totally independent candidate.

Number of Votes:
GEE, Anthony            Independent        78 votes
JARVIS, Gordon        Independent       460 votes

A resounding victory.

We are sure Gordon will represent us, the people of South Anston with all his skill and integrity

All Best Wishes & Regards

Monica & Peter Barnes
South Anston

Rotherham’s very own ‘Call me Dave’ in name confusion

Rotherham’s very own ‘Call me Dave’, has difficulty remembering his own name correctly, it would appear! I speak of  Councillor Dave Pickering, who is currently Deputy Mayor and therefore next years, Mayor of Rotherham.

Our story starts in March 2007, when David Pickering, decided that Dave Pickering sounded much better and made a statutory declaration to the world at Rotherham Magistrates Court that from then on wished to be known as Dave. Download pdf reference.

‘Call me Dave’ got on with life as Dave without apparent difficulty. Until May 4th 2011, that is, when he was called upon to provide a witness statement for the self same Court he had been in in 2007 declaring his name change.

On May 4th 2011, ‘Call me Dave’ gave this witness statement, Download pdf here. This one is a real insight into the mindset and abilities of David ‘Call me Dave’ Pickering! Firstly he uses the now defunct name of David Pickering. Secondly he claims his occupation as Councillor, complete with a howler of a misspelling!

Just in case ‘Call me Dave’ Pickering, or any of the other councillors on Rotherham MBC, for that matter, being a councillor is not an occupation! Nor is it employment, if it were they would be Officers and would therefore, be barred from being a councillor! It is a circular argument I know, but I would have thought that at least Labour Group members would be familiar with this rather important distinction. Pay packet, in this instance, does not equal job! Simples, as it is said!

The mindset that views being a councillor as an occupation, speaks volumes as to attitudes prevalent amongst Labour members of the Council and goes to the heart of what is wrong in ‘Scum Labour’, Rotherham.

This story was made possible by the efforts of ‘a Rotherham citizen’ to whom we are very grateful.

Magna – are we getting the full truth?

A reader has provided the following information to put the people of Rotherham wise to the failure of Magna Trust which is a Charity.

Magna opened in 2001 and two of the trustees are:

Cllr.Roger Stone OBE Leader RMBC.

Mark Edgell – ex Leader RMBC.

Last October  anger was raised at £1m loans to Magna by RMBC. Download pdf here.

It has been calculated that over the last six years, Magna has made a loss of approx £10m.

What gives cause for concern about Magna and its Trustees is the documented fact on the 31 August 2010 meeting minutes, the auditors reported an emphasis of matter – going concern ” financial statements, indicate the existence of some uncertainty relating to the future cash flows which may cast significant doubt about the Charity’s ability to CONTINUE AS A GOING CONCERN”. Download pdf here.

The last financial year shows a Magna LOSS of £2m.

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service community consultation

A Friend of Old Rotherham has received the attached info through his extensive community contacts across South Yorkshire and wishes to share it with Rotherham Politics readers so that they can, if desired, participate in this significant South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service community consultation.
Fire service consultation

 South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue (SYFR) has started a 14-week public consultation on proposals to address a Government funding cut which is expected to reach £10m by 2015. SYFR stress they do not want to make changes but have no alternative due to the extent of the cuts. They have already committed to cutting management and administration costs by 25%.

The proposals are:

  • ·         A new full-time fire station near to the Sheffield Parkway, to replace Darnall and Mansfield Road fire stations (Sheffield)
  •  ·         A new full-time fire station at Birley, to improve cover in south-east Sheffield, and enable the closure of the part-time fire station at Mosborough
  •  ·         Removal of the retained duty system crews at Edlington (Doncaster) and Royston (Barnsley). Royston fire station would close
  •  ·         Removal of three countywide ‘roving pump’ fire engines in the north and east of Sheffield at Elm Lane , Darnall & Mansfield Rd Fire Stations
  •  ·         Changing the firefighter crewing system at up to six existing stations, starting with Lowedges, with no effect on emergency response times.

Feedback through the consultation period is welcome, and any alternative proposals will need to make at least the same level of savings due to the likely budget cut. The proposals currently out to consultation, together with other internal staffing changes, will save around £4m per year following a one-off investment of £3.65m, including two new fire stations.

The public consultation document, related business cases and Equality Impact Assessment can be viewed on the Service’s website, www.syfire.gov.uk. To make your views known, you can:

Write to: Public consultation, South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue, 197 Eyre Street, Sheffield, S1 3FG

E-mail: serviceplan@syfire.gov.uk

Twitter: @syfr

Facebook: South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue

The consultation ends on Monday 6th February 2012.

Public Meetings will be held in the following areas:


  • Tuesday 22nd November, 7pm, Church on the Corner, 1-5 Buchanan Road, Sheffield, S5 8AP (Elm Lane area)
  • Tuesday 29th November, 7pm, St Catherine’s Church, 300 Hastilar Road South, Sheffield S13 8EJ (Darnall/Mansfield Road area)
  • Wednesday 30th November, 7pm, Mosborough Methodist Church, Chapel Street, Sheffield S20 5BT
  • Wednesday 14th December, 7pm, Sheffield Transport Club, Meadowhead, Sheffield S8 7RH

Is RMBC breaking planning laws? You bet they are!

Rotherham’s very own Advertiser has today reported on the results of an interesting Freedom of Information request we first reported upon, on October 9th when the request was first made. Obligingly, the ‘Tiser has posted a version of this story on-line. The full version in the print edition only, don’t forget to buy yours!

Jack and the Beanstalk poster is against the rules, oh yes it is!

Published date: 18 November 2011 | Published by: Gareth Dennison

ROTHERHAM Council has come under fire for erecting a jumb-sized panto poster without planning permission!

The council cracked down on pensioner Arthur Newey who was forced to remove an ad for his son’s carpet cleaning business which he put on the side of his Dalton home in 2009.

But angry campaigners say the authority  chose to ignore rules it enforces on others when it put up the banner plugging Jack and the Beanstalk outside Rotherham Central Library. Read on……

Additionally, Rotherham Politics is now able to bring readers the actual evidence that clearly shows the contempt the Council’s own Officers have to complying with the very laws they are professionally charged to uphold. The Council’s response is given below:

“From: FreedomofInformation
Subject: Freedom of Information response from Rotherham MBC (Ref: 463)
To: donbuxton
Cc: “FreedomofInformation”
Date: Monday, 7 November, 2011, 16:38

Dear Mr. Buxton,

I refer to your recent Freedom of Information Act enquiry dated 09 October 2011 in connection with planning permission for signage. Please see below, a response to your enquiry:

1. Please provide me with a copy of the Planning Approval Notice for all of the signage attached to the RMBC Central Library building, some of which is identified in the attached photo taken at 14.02:20 hrs on Friday 7 October 2011.

No application for advertisement consent has been submitted therefore no information is held in this respect.

2. Please provide me with a copy of the Officer Approval Report and/or the Agenda and Minutes of the RMBC Planning Board Meeting at which Planning Consent was granted for the erection of the signage attached to the RMBC building identified in the attached photo taken at 14.02:20 hrs on Friday 7 October 2011.

No application for advertisement consent has been submitted therefore no information is held in this respect.”

So there you have it! The bureaucratic language in which the replies are couched, is a delight, but the message is simple. Rotherham Council put up a poster in a prominent position in central Rotherham without the requisite permissions having ever been sought, never mind permissions being granted! It would appear for all the world, that it occurred to no one, that permission might even be needed!!! Oh dear!!!

RMBC Officers, it would appear, are above the law that we have to comply with, or else!?

New from the FOI Register – Is RMBC breaking planning laws?

See the FOI Register for the full information requested because of this Huge Poster being displayed on a council building! Without benefit of planning permission it would seem? Click on image to Read on…… Readers might be interested in the … Continue reading →

If all else fails – get on side with the animals

Seen in another of our wonderful local newspapers, this time from the Rotherham Star:

Badger killing is attacked by MP

Published on Wednesday 16 November 2011 08:11

Rotherham MP Denis MacShane has accused the Government of launching a ‘campaign of extermination’ against badgers without adequate scientific evidence.

Mr MacShane’s comments follow Read on…….



Follow the debate on Rotherham Politics: read here……..

RMBC tried to sting NHS for almost £250,000! Part Four

The fourth and perhaps the most crucial post on this complex but inglorious blot on Rotherham Borough Council’s reputation. Rotherham Politics provides the evidence of the sheer effrontery involved in this grubby little tale of an attempted sting perpetrated on our local NHS Trust by RMBC and should serve as an instructive example to everyone.

Don responded thus:

Date: Monday, 31 October, 2011, 18:50

Dear Mr James,

Further to our recent correspondence (see previous attached documents) I am writing to thank you for your prompt, courteous and very comprehensive letter of 10 October (Your Ref: BJ/JF/2 – see copy attached).
I also wish to place on public record my sincere appreciation for the volume of information which you have kindly given to me, and also to assure you that I in no way felt that you had misled me with your original letter dated 22 September (Your Ref: BJ/JF).
As a Rotherham citizen, taxpayer and ratepayer I also fully support you and the Board of RDGH when you decided not to use money identified for supporting healthcare services at RDGH to in effect bankroll RMBC in the discharge of what are very clearly their responsibilities for the streets and areas which clearly fall outside of the campus of RDGH.
I must admit that I am appalled at the extent to which RMBC unsuccessfully tried to coerce RDGH into paying £247,500 for a Section 106 Agreement simply to facilitate the approval of RDGH’s well-balanced and patient-centred planning application which I am sure would have helped to improve the patient experience at RDGH. I am so glad that RDGH is headed up by such an astute healthcare professional as you, and supported by an equally effective Board and Senior Management Team.
Frankly I think it is appalling that RMBC never ever considered that if their obnoxious ploy was successful in obtaining from RDGH the £247,500 of taxpayers’ financial health resource just how many hip, knee, cataract and cardiac bypass operations they were denying RDGH patients, and how many hours of special care baby nursing that sum would have provided to resource the maternity and special care baby unit.
As an active and empowered citizen in the Wickersley/Bramley area I am now very much aware that RMBC have resorted to Section 106 tricks in the past in my locality, notably in Bramley, when RMBC demanded £10,000 from a property developer for the installation of a Zebra Crossing (as considered so necessary in a report by their own officers), as a condition of a planning permission to construct new housing on the old dairy site.
Well the £10,000 was handed over to RMBC coffers, the planning permission granted, the demolition of the dairy undertaken and new housing built, however RMBC then back tracked on the implementation of the Zebra Crossing, and then insisted it was no longer necessary. But they kept the £10,000 and as a sop to the local community after five years of wrangling, simply installed two sections of lowered kerbs – no black and white markings, nor Belisha Beacons!
I am of the opinion that it is entirely likely that if RDGH had fallen for RMBC’s crude attempt at demanding £247,500 from RDGH, then on past evidence all that would have happened is that in effect RDGH would have been bankrolling RMBC per se. I am extremely glad that you and the Board and Senior Management Team saw fit to reject RMBC’s objectionable trick.
I intend to ask my Elected Ward Councillor, Sue Ellis, to take up the above matter within the Council so that those Elected Members on the Health and Wellbeing Board may become better acquainted with the activities of their colleagues in the RMBC Planning Department.
Yours Sincerely,
Donald H. Buxton

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