Why did Robin Stonebridge resign in 2007 exactly?

Yesterdays post about Robin Stonebridge’s 2007 resignation from Anston parish council presented the ‘official’ version, the truth however, lies somewhere else!

The featured piece from the local Dinnington Guardian newspaper, was in fact written by the ‘Tiser’s Gareth Dennison, if only he had access to these revelations his story would have been very different. (Gareth has left a comment. To view click on comments button below)

Let me take you back to 2007 on Anston parish council. Robin Stonebridge was Chairman of a couple of years standing, for some months there had been increasing friction within the parish council and Robin Stonebridge’s behaviour at meetings had become increasingly bizarre.

A typical exchange, given here by way of example, Robin Stonebridge was making derogatory remarks to a constituent of the parish, Hilary Estrada-Haigh, who enquired of him if he was talking of her he replied “No I am chewing a brick and it is more intelligent than speaking to you.”

Also bizarrely, Robin Stonebridge told Valerie Sheldon-Ennis, in a letter to her, that he had forwarded her correspondence to Tim Mumford Head of Legal Services. It is known that Robin Stonebridge did not send these letters to Tim Mumford as threatened, he threw them into his file and said, “those are going nowhere!”

Clearly undaunted and extremely fed up with the unacceptable behaviour of Stonebridge Valerie wrote to Tim Mumford herself on 11th October 2007. Valerie provided Tim Mumford with correspondence she had received from Robin Stonebridge in addition to her observations and correspondence. I have seen this correspondence and it points to one inescapable conclusion, Robin Stonebridge had crossed the line and it would need covering up!

What happened next was most instructive as it is revelatory.

Valerie’s letter contained news to Tim Mumford of which he was unaware of until that point. Robin had not in fact, told Tim Mumford as he had threatened he was doing!

Once Tim Mumford had more than a flavour of recent events on Anston parish council he realised for the first time the issues at stake? If a formal complaint citing the evidence were to be made, then the case against Stonebridge would have been unanswerable and very embarrassing! Stonebridge was a Borough councillor as well it should not be forgotten, he would not have survived for long at that either, if these issues had been properly explored by the Standards committee!

After a lot of debate they came to the inescapable conclusion that Stonebridge had to go! A resignation now, would prevent him being held to account for his, by now accepted unacceptable behaviour. Complaints cannot be proceeded with once he was no longer a member of  the parish council! Brilliant!

There followed, a difficult meeting for Robin Stonebridge, who eventually accepted the relentless logic of the situation and went along with the plan.

Press releases were prepared to conceal the situation from both the public and newspapers and Stonebridge duly resigned, immediately prior to the October 2007 meeting of Anston parish council.

Now Rotherham Politics readers know the truth. Robin Stonebridge resigned to avoid accountability and to cover up the truth!

Valerie and Hilary can be proud of their achievement, brought after persistence and doggedness and should be congratulated by all who wish to scrutinise the actions and behaviour of the politically powerful.

I am left wondering why the Labour Party would ever present Robin Stonebridge as a Labour candidate at any future election after this debacle in 2007? Are they mad!

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3 thoughts on “Why did Robin Stonebridge resign in 2007 exactly?

  1. I offered a follow-up story to the “other side” and arranged an interview with them, through Stuart Thornton, at the old Dinno Guardian office on Laughton Road.
    They cancelled the appointment pending legal advice and never came back to me.

    Gareth Dennison


    • Thanks for your contribution Gareth. This issue raises it’s head now as Stonebridge has resigned again recently but has now reappeared on Anston parish council and it is believed will be selected by Labour along with Darren Hughes for next years elections.
      Happy hunting


      • From Valerie Sheldon-Ennis

        Gareth Dennison occasionally attended parish council meetings but never reported the happenings or the rudeness of Cllrs St.John and Stonebridge towards Mrs Estrada-Haigh and myself.

        There is no truth in Gareth Dennison’s post.

        Valerie Sheldon-Ennis


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