Vanity, pure vanity at Anston parish council

The Anston parish council chairman wants a chain of office!

Anston parish chairmen have managed perfectly well for over 100 years without one, so why propose to buy one now for the chairman, John Ireland, when public funds are to experience a squeeze not seen in living memory?

The cost of this frippery? Around £2,000 when the full cost is established!

The parish council was reluctant to approve such a large sum using public money. A proposal then came from a guest from Catcliffe parish, Darren Hughes, that he would pay for it thereby removing the cost from the public purse.

Darren Hughes remember, is a Borough Councillor for Anston & Woodsetts Ward and lives in Catcliffe where he is Catcliffe parish council Chairman so it seems strange that he should be present and treated by the chairman of Anston parish council almost as though he was part of the parish council! Very strange indeed! He has in fact no entitlement to be there, save as a guest!

The parish after further discussion decided that they didn’t want a chain for their chairman and so it was , ‘thanks! but no thanks!’ to Darren for his offer. Darren was disappointed that on this occasion, ‘money can’t buy you love’. The fact that Darren tried to use his money to curry favour speaks volumes!

12 thoughts on “Vanity, pure vanity at Anston parish council

    • The Chairman is given an annual allowance of £300 to spend at his discretion. Any residual monies at year end are put into reserves in an ear-marked fund for the Chairman’s Chain! The current total being £527.00.

      Hope this helps
      Goodnight All
      Mrs Overall


  1. So it would appear that Anston PC has a bit of a savings account going on then – shame they prefer to save up for a gaudy useless bit of bling, rather than fund a deserving local concern. Er, perhaps something like a local childrens sport group in need of equipment?


  2. Again I say it is a law for the labour party faithful, which it is obvious Mr Hughes has become, and another rule for the peasants. I cant go to Anston from Dinnington and ask a question yet the politically challenged Darren Hughes from Catcliffe can. Do we know what induced the said Mr Hughes to prostitute his politics and change sides.


    • Well, I would have thought that once someone has joined any club, and that’s what a political party is, you find out much more about the members and their prejudices and preferences from the inside, that you do from the outside.

      Maybe a Tory-toff type business person with Elton John glasses and pink braces and loadza dosh thought they’d be naturally welcomed into the Low Number Club aka Rovrum Toreez …

      But if that wasn’t the case cos some of them may still drag their knuckles along the sidewalk, then maybe a biznuss wallah with loadza dosh thought they’d cross the floor and mix it with those who struggle to read n write n do sums and don’t have much of the wherewithitall and that they’d cut a bit of a dash and make a loadza dosh impression with Da Bruvvaz n Da Sistaz …

      Seems like leopards change not only their spots, but they can metamorphose into skunks as well and leave the nasty smells about the place …


  3. I think that what we are seeing with Darren the Defective’s, er sorry, Defector’s, actions is simply part of his training process – I don’t think that even Roger, The Leedah, Stone, would have been so crass as to put his hand in his pocket and try to buy his way into currying great favour with another Authority (he’d have used somebody else’s dosh – yeah, guess).

    More to the point though, who at Anston enticed Darren the Defective into exposing himself for what he is – Well done that man!!! – even if that wasn’t the intention.



  4. I think (all) of the members of Anston Parish Council do a wonderful job. Nothing is perfect and in most fields we go two steps forward and one step back however over time progress is made.


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