For your entertainment – The Acorn Antiques Christmas Pantomime! Act2

ACORN ANTIQUES – December 2011

Mrs Overall’s Anston parish, Christmas Pantomime – Act 2

Hope you all enjoyed the intermission?

Lights down – Curtain up!

Anston Parish Council Pantomime – Act 2 begins:

It was a dark and dank Monday night – the wind was howling/or was it the Parish Councillors?

Question Time: Public Session

A resident asked – If the budget was being put out for public consultation? The resident pointed out that on the Labour election leaflet it was a manifesto promise:

“ We will consult residents before taking any major decisions affecting the village, including the Parish Council budget.”

Cue – All Labour councillors squirming in their seats!

Cllr Beck (the Boy Wonder!) sought to distance the parish council by saying this leaflet was nothing to do with the parish council.

Altogether now Oh yes it is. It was in their election manifesto.

Pledge No.1, directly under Boy Wonder’s photograph.

Cllr Burton – We were elected to do this for them.

Question: Had she put her name to the Labour leaflet?

Answer: Yes – Along with the other 8 Labour councillors!

Are they changing tack because this leaflet is under police investigation?

Back to the minutes of 21st November – Cllr St John`s half declaration of interest.

Cllr Thornton again sought from Cllr St.John, clarification as to whether his declaration had been personal or prejudicial – Safe At Last Trustee. No answer was the firm reply!

Enter Boy Wonder Beck, throws over his cloak of protection – It is up to the individual whether to declare an interest, it doesn’t matter what you declare”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

However Standing Orders say you have to declare an interest and if it is prejudicial you must leave the room.

Question: Was Cllr St.John avoiding declaring correctly in order to remain in the meeting?

Answer: You bet your bottom dollar!

Question: Did Cllr St.John enter the discussion?

Answer: No – Cat got his tongue (Dick Whittington’s????)

Question: Why when other councillors declare fully does Cllr St.John fail to do so?

Answer: Possible arrogance?

Question: Is he the only one who does not leave the room?

Answer: YES -Well readers what do you make of all this.

Chairman Ireland get a grip.

Letter from Standards Committee:

Queston: Is Boy Wonder having his collar felt?

Answer: It appears so!

Letter of complaint by resident –

Question: Did Chairman Ireland instruct the clerk to reply as requested by the parishioner?

Answer: NO –

Letter of complaint by another resident –

Question: Was this discussed?

Answer: Bet your bottom dollar it was NOT – WHY



Approved for 2012/13

A recorded vote was asked for.

Cllr Thornton voted against.

Cllr Beck – “I think it is absolutely disgraceful that Cllr Thornton has voted against he had ample opportunity in both meetings to make his point known.”

Cllr Thornton retorted that when he had suggested savings to the budget he was shouted down by other councillors with one councillor saying leave it to the experts. At the second meeting he was shouted at by Councillor Stonebridge AND TOLD TO SHUT UP!

Question: Is Cllr Stonebridge reverting to type?

Answer: Well leopards do not change their spots!

Question: Did Cllr Stonebridge stare at Cllr Thornton lean forward and say “The pantomime season is on us, Pinocchio is about?”

Answer: Yes – Twice.

Chairman’s Chain of Office

What a bling king farce!

Question: Was the Chairman reluctant to name the prospective sponsor?

Answer: Oh yes you bet.

Question: Who did this turn out to be?

Answer: Darren the Defector.

Question: Is this against all propriety?

Answer: We would say so.

Question: Maybe part of his election campaign?

Answer: You make up your minds.

Question: Does the Chairman want this desperately?

Answer: Desperately enough to extend the discussion and confuse everybody.

What a “Buggers Muddle”

Congratulations to right thinking councillors for voting against this cynical ploy.

Staffing Issues – The Gang of Four

Working Party to discuss staff matters

Question: Who had decided that this would be a meeting of just 4 Councillors: Cllrs Ireland, Dalton, Beck & Stonebridge?

Answer: Obviously they did.

Question: Shouldn’t staffing matters be discussed by ALL councillors?

Answer: Not when you want to implement your own agenda.

Question: If the reason for this coterie was given as experience on staffing matters – What experience has a 19yr old in this field?

Answer: None!

Question: How many of the other councillors have staff management experience?

Answer: Many!


Curtain Down – Lights Up – Chairman showing largesse – providing booze & mince pies??

3 thoughts on “For your entertainment – The Acorn Antiques Christmas Pantomime! Act2

  1. I am very interested in the comments made by Cllr Stonebridge, at the Council Meeting Cllr Stonebridge made a comment towards myself that I did not catch, I asked him to repeat it, he replied “its pantomine season again” it now seems that he made a referance to allude that I was lying about something. This is the sort of sly comments we have come to expect from some members of the Parish Council, First this man shouts at the top of his voice at me and now he is making sly uncalled for comments, we have a Code of Conduct that says we should treat others with respect, you the readers can decide if his comments are respectful. If I have lied about something, Be a man, and say it out loud in public so I may have the chance to rectify the situation, or be a mouse and say nothing, SQUEEK SQUEEK.

    PS. Cllr Stonebridge made a comment at the Parish Meeting that implied that Rotherham Poltics was just lies, You, (Stonebridge) like all others, have a chance to make comments on this site and justify your comments, I look forward to hearing which part of this site is lies.

    S Thornton


  2. Mr Thornton appears to be living in Pantomime World if he thinks Rotherham Politics can offer him a straight ruler.

    Mr Thornton – if you have an issue with Mr Stonebridge, I suggest to you sir, rather then airing it in the Advertiser, to the delight of all the back-slappers on here, go and see the guy, have a chat, have a beer. Sort it out.


    • Ha ha ha ha, beer and sandwiches in a tobacco smoke blue hazed taproom … how very reminiscent of the ways that Scummy Laybah used to do its business for aeons here in Rovrum … no minutes, no witnesses, no audit trail, all away from public gaze, so nothing to come back and haunt a Laybah Bruvva when they aspired to become Da Deer Leedah.

      I think that Patrick’s enthusiasm for “a quiet chat” would come to naught, particularly with the subject under discussion here, no the much much better and more effective way is to pronounce the issue to the public at large through the good offices of the democratic free local press in Rovrum, aka The Advertiser, and also sites like this one.

      Everyone can write to the Editor with their own particular take on a local issue, including those members of Scummy Laybah who think that Rotherham Politics or the Advertiser doesn’t cast them in anything other than the dismal light that they have worked diligently to attain.


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