Grald-Hunter spots Mahroof Hussain twitter outburst!

The Rotherham Politics active and empowered reader, correspondent and “critical friend” of Rotherham Laybah Grooip and RMBC, Grald-Hunter, came across this latest petulant twitter flutter outburst – – from our Aspirant MP, 1st Class Rail Travel Guru, Supporter of Section 106 £247,500 against RDGH and Man Of The People, Cllr Mahroof Hussain, in which he berates the Planning Inspector who has allowed the appeal by KFC who want to build a restaurant at Canklow and provide employment and dining opportunities for customers passing along Canklow Road.

Our “man of the people” takes it upon himself to dare to assume that Canklow residents, and any other potential customers, don’t have the life skills, educational intellect or willpower to decide how/when/where/what to purchase and eat …

Twitter: Mahroof Hussain

Did interview on @BBCSheffield Toby Foster show this morning on #KFC building nxt to canklow primary school even though everyone opposed it

Along with PAK Supermarket presented 2 Wii’s to Rotherham Children’s ward for Dr Ted appeal

Unbelievable!! #KFC wins appeal to build KFC at Canklow only 20 secs from primary school. Parents, kids, NHS, school, cllrs opposed it

He further goes rambling on about the unfairness that “everyone opposed” the KFC application. So let’s have a look-see who “the everyone” is that he alludes to –

1. RMBC Councillors – well that’s only 63 if everyone of them voted against it.
2. The School – maybe a headteacher, 20-30 staff, 150-ish children.
3. The NHS – wow, manpower next to the Chinese Red Army, and the Indian State Railways.

Now let’s do some Dolly Twin Peaks fantasy story digging into those figures above. Are you ready? Then I shall begin … Once upon a time …

a – The RMBC Councillors probably only relate to the Laybah chums on the Planning Board, aka a handful of muckers.
b – A headteacher and staff supports RMBC opposition’s to this enterprise. Well of course they will, the school is an RMBC one, and any teacher who wants their career and pension to flourish won’t go against the socialist bruvvaz-n-sistaz will they?
c – The NHS. At best it’s maybe a handful of muckers from Rotherham PCT Public Health who consort and support RMBC in its nanny-state interference in citizens’ lives.

I too share Cllr Hussain’s incandescent rage at communities who against their will have projects foisted onto them by arrogant out-of-touch statutory agencies and I strongly advise Cllr Hussain to consult with the people of Bramley village and area who have suffered the imposition of the Bramley Traffic Mismanagement Scheme purely on the myopic vindictive whim of the Caution Cabinet Clown …

Yes, Mahroof, we here on this side of the Borough are quite used to being overlooked, overruled, ignored and imposed upon by you and your gang of Corn Fed Hogs, Muppets and Clowns from RMBC.

We all share your pain but we’ve grown a pair and moved on. Maybe you can too.


Readers will not want to miss this from Mahroof, Rotherham councillor hits out at planning decision. Or this from the Advertiser, KFC wins battle for Canklow drive-thru.

5 thoughts on “Grald-Hunter spots Mahroof Hussain twitter outburst!

  1. A few inconvenient facts for Mahroof
    Since the MP expenses scandal broke, no one with a background in local government has even been allowed on a by-election shortlist!
    Precious few existing Councillors will fare any better in the selections for winnable seats.
    Why? Labour knows what is going on in local government and they do not want any further embarrassment.
    The last Prime Minister with a local government background was Neville Chamberlain! Not exactly recent then?


  2. So the whinging Councillor Hussain has lashed out at this interloper from Her Majesty’s Planning Inspectorate: “She came from London to make a decision against what the NHS, school, parents, governors, residents and councillor’s without regard to their objections.” – whatever that means!!

    So, let’s have a look at the “Neighbour comments” for this planning application on the Council’s website and let’s see who the army of objectors were.

    Why goodness me, there must be some mistake, cos’ I can only spot 4 neighbours and here are their details:

    Councillor Peter Wootton, 66 Middlefield Road, Broom, Rotherham, S60 3JJ
    Councillor Rose McNeely, 91 Knollbeck Avenue, Brampton Bierlow, Barnsley, S73 0UL
    Councillor Mahroof Hussain, 20 Broom Avenue, Broom, Rotherham, S60 3NQ
    Ann Bower, 24 Lymister Avenue, Duke of Norfolk Estate, Rotherham, S60 3DD

    Er, neighbours, how the hell can you class these as neighbours?

    And yet Councillor Hussain states how the NHS, school, parents, governors, residents and councillors were all objectors to this proposal from the evil KFC organisation.

    Well, it must be me that’s got it wrong then, so let me really really search for these myriad objectors a second time around.

    NHS – nope, can’t see anything from them.

    School – nope.

    Parents – no, can’t see them either.

    Governors – well, I can see one of them, ah yes, the governor of the Canklow School who lives on the Duke of Norfolk Estate!!

    Residents – nah, not a one.

    Councillors – Wahayyyyy, we’ve hit gold dust, yes, ere we go; all three of ’em including Mahroof himself.

    Well either this army of objectors doesn’t exist as so widely reported, or somebody’s cocked up big style on the Council’s website!!!


    • Hi Trambuster,

      Many thanks for your investigative and illuminating posting, it seems that Dolly Twin Peak’s fantasy kiddiz stories are rampant among the Corn Fed Hogs, Muppets and Clowns down at Town Hall Towers.

      Poor old Mahroof’s been outed and well and truly exposed in the full glare of pubicity and not the stage-managed manipulation of news that Town Hall Towers and Da Laybah Grooip would have us read and believe.

      I know for sure that some of his Rovrum Laybah Grooip muckers have read this posting and are privately chuckling into their late-night cocoa and thinking that he may have well and truly over-egged his own pudding and that Rotherham active and empowered citizens are now ramming his fantasy pudding down his wide open gullet, tee hee, tee hee, lol 🙂

      Anyone from Yorkshire n Humber Labour Party out there … come in Ed … do u read me?


  3. Is Mahroof a fantasist? Only 4 opponents then and not one of them exactly local? Do any of Boston Castle ward councillors actually live in the ward? Isn’t it time perhaps for Mahroof to apologise for so seriously misleading people?


  4. Latest twitter twatter flutter from our Laybah Grooip Healthy Eating Champion, Section 106 £247,500 RDGH Advocate and 1st Class Rail Travel Guru, Cllr Mahroof Hussain –

    MyPlace Café opening covered in @Rotherhamtiser today. Get down for a coffee and homemade cake. 1 day ago

    So, it’s OK to scoff cake, coffee n buns in an RMBC premise, but perish the thought that Rovrum citizens, including those from Canklow, would patronise the soon-to-be built KFC premises at Canklow and consume their produce …

    I wonder what independently-accredited food research our publicity-hungry RMBC Food Guru has done to merit the blatant piece of self-indulgent corporate marketing?

    Just who does this guy think he is to try dictating to Rotherham citizens where they should buy and eat their produce from … maybe it’s Rovrum Laybah’s and the Corn Fed Hogs, Muppets and Clowns’ new version of “do as I say, and not as I do”?


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