Another question at random………

When Robin Stonebridge returned as a Parish Councillor on Anston Parish Council, were the Regional Labour Party aware of this in advance?

4 thoughts on “Another question at random………

  1. And as that crew descends further into the depths of dogma and extreme leftist miasma, so the rest of us enjoy the luminous radiance of moderation and enlightenment!

    Er, how did he get to be a parish councillor? – was Derek Hatton not available?


  2. I have a further question, if Rotherham Politics would oblige.

    As I understand it, when Robin Stonebridge resigned the first time, it was on the basis of some pretty heavyweight advice as I recall.

    If he resigned then, because he was on the point of being complained about for his Parish Council behaviour and resigned to avoid this. When he returns, could he not now be properly held to account for his previous behaviour?

    An interesting question, isn’t it!


  3. If I recall correctly, when Mr Robin Stonebridge resigned his position, his chums on the Parish Council presented him with glass bowl/decanter (or such like). This was bought out of Parish funds, about £100. You the taxpayer of Anston paid for this, now he has returned to the Parish Council should he not return it, even better cash will do.


    • Yes cash is always good. Well done Cllr Thornton in getting a resolution passed, that in future all leaving presents will come out of councillors own pockets and not ours, the long suffering public.

      On reflection where did the gavel, which he so freely used, come from?
      Talk about raise me up – this did, off his feet, when he kept screaming and BANGING HIS GAVEL.

      Valerie Sheldon-Ennis


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