Mahroof Hussain gets it seriously wrong

This one by email, couldn’t resist sharing it with you, I could have entitled this post as, How to win friends and influence people – Not!:

Grald-Hunter  yesterday came across another embarrassing piece of ill-informed comment from our man-of-the-people, Section 106 £247,500 supporter against RDGH, 1st Class Rail Travel Guru and Cabinet Member, Cllr Mahroof Hussain.

This ever self-promoting publicity-hungry junior politician and aspirant MP is rightfully extolling the virtues of having a regimental band of one of the British Army’s elite Foot Guards to come and visit us here in our wonderful town. I’ve no problem with that at all.

But, and here’s the rub, he can’t even bother himself to get the title correct for how to address these soldiers in his grinning pic –

Twitter: Mahroof Hussain
Royal Scots Guard visit Rotherham. fabulously received in town centre

He erroneously titles the pic thus: “Royal Scots Guard visit Rotherham. fabulously received in town centre”.

Well, fabulously received I’m convinced they rightfully were, but please Cllr Hussain please let me add to your obviously deficient knowledge of those brave and loyal soldiers whom you chose to stand alongside.

They weren’t the “Royal Scots Guard”, they were, and are, in fact The Scots Guards, and as such they are one of five regiments of Foot Guards, which are (1) Grenadier Guards, (2) Coldstream Guards, (3) Scots Guards, (4) Irish Guards, (5) Welsh Guards.

Here’s a link to some further historical research for you to improve your knowledge of these magnificent British soldiers and our historical British military institutions –

Oh, and for the record the Guardsman alongside you is wearing “a bearskin”, and that’s the proper title, before you give another title like “a busby” or “a shako”.

Iffen ya doubt the veracity of the advice I’ve freely offered you as a “critical friend” then please feel free to consult with any of your RMBC Elected Member muckers who’ve ever stood a post and served the Colours, I’m sure there’ll be one of them brave and eager enough to have a discrete whistle in your shell.

Kind Regards,

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7 thoughts on “Mahroof Hussain gets it seriously wrong

    • Dear Patrick,

      On behalf of Grald-Hunter, he’s told me he’s pleased to accept your honour of “fame”.

      But in case you hadn’t noticed this article ain’t about him, it’s about a junior Rovrum politician who loves to get his pic n neb in at every opportunity to promote himself .

      Grald-Hunter is just helping out this young and very inexperienced junior politician to understand that standards of literacy and historical accuracy may no longer apply and be relevant down at Town Hall Towers and in Da Rovrum Laybah Grooip, but they still very much apply among those of us who are old enough to appreciate the honoured institutions which young jumped-up squirts now discredit by their presence, antics and public outbursts.

      Anyway, how you gettin on with bringing those discredited stories to the attention of Laybah Higha Ups like ya promised months ago? You’ve gone very very quiet and coy in that regard my dear. Any news for us yet … (note to self – don’t hold breath for him)


  1. Comment removed due to lack of clarity about the true identity of the person being criticised, other issues of concern, false email address used, we also have the IP address that indicates a Sky customer account was used to make the comment. It it was you and you would wish to have your comment re-instated please contact us on and supply clarification and we will consider re-instating the comment if we deem it appropriate.

    Rotherham Politics is sorry for any offence caused by this anonymous comment, posted in good faith and removed once investigated.


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