How to avoid answering a question

Simply couldn’t resist sharing this contribution from Grald-Hunter …

An Irish friend mine has sent me this rivetting link to a journalist who doggedly pursues the faceless evasive obfuscating toxic salaried European Central Banker with a ruthless line of public interest questioning, and not getting any satisfactory or meaningful responses from him, he continues to publically argue his case for this financial kling-on to answer his questions.

Oh where oh where in Dear Old Rovrum do we have a statutory agency who don’t like to be challenged, outed, scrutinised, observed, defeated, ridiculed, humiliated or demeaned and who think they can shower us with plenty of that which makes the town’s roses blossom and bloom?

I can’t help but think of Da Rovrum Laybah Grooip and the Corn Fed Hogs, Muppets and Clowns at Town Hall Towers.

Happy Hunting,


1 thought on “How to avoid answering a question

  1. A partial transcript is here:

    To put it into some kind of context:
    The questioner Vincent Browne is a very accomplished attack dog – the Jeremy Paxton of Ireland …(allegedly).
    Klaus Masuch is a middle-ranking ECB manager – who obviously has had limited, if any, training in dealing with the press. (Blame the ECB press office for that – not the guy).
    The question was “did your taxi driver tell you how the Irish people are bewildered that we are required to pay unguaranteed bondholders billions of euros for debts that the Irish people have no relation to or no bearing with, primarily to bail out or to ensure the solvency of European banks? “
    That question should not be directed at the ECB, or the IMF for that matter, but at their own Irish government, because it was they who made that decision.
    I can understand why the Irish people are angry, but their problems are home-grown.


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