Trades Union Reform – necessary, but not by this lot!



7 thoughts on “Trades Union Reform – necessary, but not by this lot!

    • Not sure whether to laugh or cry! Aren’t they a bunch of idiots? This is a transparent attempt to bounce the government in to a spasm of anti-Trades Union legislation!


  1. As a 40-year member of the Trade Union movement, and a socialist too, I am in total agreement with Patrick’s reply.

    I would not accept nor trust any Trades Union reform from the Old Eton Old Boy network of millionaires who dominate this ConDom government and who are now ruining this once great country of ours.

    Neither can I rest easy while Trades Union barons now earn toxic salaries that bear no relation to the wages of their hard pressed members, and who appear to feather their own nests and do absolutely nowt for those who elected em and pay em well.

    I continue to pray fervently to The Great Architect of The Universe that we may yet in British politics get people of the moral stature and principles of Tony Benn, Dennis Skinner, Michael Foot, Barbara Castle and Betty Boothroyd, who wish to serve the British people and who would campaign for the rights of those who regularly get trampled underfoot by those City Clowns and Bankers in Elton John Glasses and Pink Braces.

    I remember listening to a long-passed-on coal miner relative who used to recite thus: “Oh Lord above send down a dove with wings as sharp as razors to cut the throats of them there blokes what cuts down poor mens’ wages”.

    The struggle continues … come the revolution …


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