A question less random?

Did Anston parish council exceed their legal powers, when involved in litigation?

This rather nasty little episode of the abuse of power may still come to haunt those involved, Robin Stonebridge and Iain StJohn, to name just two of them!

A very interesting question indeed!

In football parlance, Resident 7 Anston parish council 0

Another question at random………

2 thoughts on “A question less random?

  1. Er, that’ll be the litigation that cost the local council-tax payers hundreds of thousands of pounds and that just might be why Anston Parish Council is the costliest of all parish councils in Rotherham to run, at £260,000!!!

    In Rugby parlance, that’s Residents 0, Anston Parish Council £260,000.


  2. Holy Moly, that sum of £260,000 is spookily close to the £247,500 Section 106 RDGH figure as espoused by our worthy Cabinet Member for Me-Me-Me and 1st Class Rail Travel. How uncanny!

    Those overpaid, overfed, overweight Laybah Corn Feg Hogs, Muppets and Clowns at Town Hall Towers sure like “to play the numbers” as they say in US Gangsta films, but how come it’s always the Rovrum Citizens who end up on the losing end? The naive among us may well think that “the Towers” always wins by accident and not by design.

    Ah well, I’m gonna take a back seat and sit and wait till we have a change of Leedah, or as they say at Wimbledon … “new balls” 🙂


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