Darren Hughes & the Exclusive Brethren – ‘Useful Idiot’ or something more?

Darren Hughes, RMBC Councillor for Anston & Woodsetts Ward who actually lives in Catcliffe, has been reported to have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to facilitate this locally unwelcome application for development, in part of Rotherham’s precious green belt at Anston.

Why did he support the Exclusive Brethren’s planning application?

Perhaps it was for the following reasons, in no particular order:

  • It will provide much needed education for the children of his Anston & Woodsetts constituents?
  • It will enhance the site by destroying valuable wildlife habitat?
  • The local roads are under used?
  • It will advance Rotherham’s equalities Agenda?
  • Labour’s own national education policy supports this?
  • The education on offer will be fully compliant with the National Curriculum?
  • Science teaching will be excellent?
  • There will be many jobs for local constituents of Darren?
  • LGBT isues will be dealt with sympathetically?
  • The Exclusive Brethren are not a ‘cult’ that splits up families?
  • The local community will benefit and welcome this development?
  • The school will not be engaging in ‘brainwashing’ amounting to ‘child abuse’?
  • Local businesses will benefit?
  • Information Technology and computer science teaching will be ‘World class’?
  • It will provide Rotherham citizens a new place to get married or enter a civil partnership?
  • It will provide another place of worship, welcoming to all Christians?

This by no means exhaustive list of questions can only be answered in the negative, so why has Darren Hughes been so supportive of the Brethren’s proposals? We have a right to be told!

Useful Idiot‘ is one possible explanation, there are others much less charitable to Darren Hughes. Darren Hughes’s, Anston & Woodsetts constituents are waiting for answers! See comment below.

That application to remind readers what the Exclusive Brethren want:


Application Ref – RB2011/1568
Date Valid – 03/11/2011
Case Officer – Leanne Cain
Applicant – Elsworth Acres Ltd
Proposal – Erection of 2 No. buildings to form independent school, convention centre and gospel hall including associated car parking, landscaping and surface water retention pond and erection of ancillary caretaker’s dwelling including detached double garage
Property land at – Todwick Road
District – North Anston
Consultation_Period – START 11/11/2011
Consultation_Period- END 02/12/2011
Provisional_Decision- Date 02/02/2012

Planning Documents Make Reference To The Following –

Full application, for the erection of an Independent School, Convention Centre and Gospel Hall. Car parking, area for coach parking, informal play areas, caretaker’s dwelling, surface water retention pond and associated landscaping. Provision For 186 Cars and 8 Coaches. Provision For 4 Bedroom House

Not just a school then but a whole complex!

A reader writes (as dictated over that wonderful invention the wireless telephone):

“No wonder he was prepared to sell us out on this! This loathsome local politician won’t be affected. He should be ashamed of himself. Can’t wait for May so we can tip him out!”

Thanks to Trambuster for the planning link, much appreciated. Rothpol.

6 thoughts on “Darren Hughes & the Exclusive Brethren – ‘Useful Idiot’ or something more?

  1. Text of email to Darren:
    The readers of Rotherham Politics are bewildered at your support for the Exclusive Brethren School proposal.
    Perhaps you would like to let us all know what on Earth you were doing supporting these proposals?


  2. I too support the Brethren School proposal. I think it is wonderful that we have such good people living in our community and the school will allow these christians to educate their children in a more suitable environment.


  3. Once again a minority group is picked upon. Are we not supposed to be seen to be embracing diversity. Get a grip Rotherham, they are doing nowt wrong and living in a good environment. Cant please some people choose what you do, who would you rather live in the area?


  4. Science teaching is excellent. I should know, I teach it. We teach evolution, the big bang, genetic engineering, and everything else besides. We also follow the National Curriculum.

    Do your research properly next time.


    • Be exploring all the issues surrounding the proposals for Anston in the near future. I beg to differ on the nature of the education available at Brethren schools generally. I have done extensive research on this area, it is not I, that is ill-informed nor am I guilty of a lack of objectivity! Unlike, I suspect yourself? I thought that adherents, didn’t use the internet?


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