Wonderful news for Anston’s green belt!

It can be reported that the plans to build a school off Todwick Road with Common Road, Anston have been withdrawn!!!!!!


The advice from officers was for rejection. The decidedly unwelcome application was being fought by the the local community.  The  planning application, made on behalf of a religious ‘cult’ has now been withdrawn ahead of the planning meeting scheduled for next Thursday. Hooray once again!!!! The rejection advice should be interesting, bring it to you when we have it.

Is it too much to hope that the Brethren have forsaken Rotherham for good? Wherever they turn their attention to next, perhaps they will do it without destroying more of God’s wonderful World and certainly not on Rotherham’s precious green belt!

This must be a disappointment to Darren Hughes, as he was assiduous in their cause assisting them everywhere he could! Darren Hughes is a RMBC Councillor for the Anston & Woodsetts Ward and was prepared to destroy important green belt land for a bunch of rather undesirable religious ‘cultists’, they are not called the Exclusive Brethren for nothing!

Darren’s constituents should remember this, when it comes to casting their votes this May.

Trades Union Reform – necessary, but not by this lot!



How to avoid answering a question

Simply couldn’t resist sharing this contribution from Grald-Hunter …

An Irish friend mine has sent me this rivetting link to a journalist who doggedly pursues the faceless evasive obfuscating toxic salaried European Central Banker with a ruthless line of public interest questioning, and not getting any satisfactory or meaningful responses from him, he continues to publically argue his case for this financial kling-on to answer his questions.

Oh where oh where in Dear Old Rovrum do we have a statutory agency who don’t like to be challenged, outed, scrutinised, observed, defeated, ridiculed, humiliated or demeaned and who think they can shower us with plenty of that which makes the town’s roses blossom and bloom?

I can’t help but think of Da Rovrum Laybah Grooip and the Corn Fed Hogs, Muppets and Clowns at Town Hall Towers.

Happy Hunting,


Linda McAvan MEP urges changes to prevent another PIP Implant scandal

Yorkshire Euro MP demands reform after breast implant scandal

Published on 24 Jan, 2012

In a specially arranged meeting with the European Commission, Yorkshire and Humber Euro MP, Linda McAvan, demanded changes to healthcare regulations across Europe following the breast implant scandal that has affected thousands of women in Britain, France and across the continent.

The scandal began after it was discovered that PIP, a French manufacturer of breast implants, had for years been making and selling implants with cheaper industrial quality silicone rather than the medical grade silicone Read on…….

Credit where it is due!

Magna – pass the parcel ends with Jahangir Akhtar!

I was surprised to learn yesterday that the ‘pass the parcel’ game over RMBC’s representation on the Magna Trust has been passed on to a new Councillor.

I can reveal that Jahangir Akhtar, Deputy Leader, is Roger Stone’s replacement as a trustee of the Magna Trust!

Pity the declarations of interest have not been updated since 26th May 2010! Then I would not have had to ring to confirm.

Why did Jahangir accept this poisoned chalice? Simply because the Leader asked him to after the elections of 2011! Hope Jahangir knows what he is doing?

Inconvenient Facts – Magna

Last November Rothpol carried a story about the woeful state of Magna Trusts finances, Magna – are we getting the full truth?

It can now be reported that Magna continues to Haemorrhage money!

How much more? £2,004,956 that’s how much more!

When will this expensive vanity project be brought to an end? Rotherham citizens can no longer afford it, if they ever could!

MacShane provides explanation?

Numerous sources for this interesting tweet from Denis MacShane, my sources were very much amused, we leave you to make your own mind up?

Denis MacShaneDenisMacShaneDenis MacShane

Good luck to all Dragons.恭喜发财 For some odd reason I was born a Rat

To read MacShane’s twitter feed here on Rotherham Politics, it’s on the right hand panel towards the bottom.