Rotherham’s very own Art Gallery!

Reports have been coming in from Rothpol readers, that Artworks have been appearing around Rotherham Town! Why? To help readers the following links may be of interest:

Gallery Town Homepage, List of Sponsors. The person in common, Nick Cragg, is he just a useful idiot? Or does he fulfill some other purpose?

For example, he was responsible for (or at least taken the credit for) the appearance of the Band of The Scots Guards in Rotherham at the weekend, culminating in the big bash at Magna.

Mahroof Hussain gets it seriously wrong

This one by email, couldn’t resist sharing it with you, I could have entitled this post as, How to win friends and influence people – Not!:

Grald-Hunter  yesterday came across another embarrassing piece of ill-informed comment from our man-of-the-people, Section 106 £247,500 supporter against RDGH, 1st Class Rail Travel Guru and Cabinet Member, Cllr Mahroof Hussain.

This ever self-promoting publicity-hungry junior politician and aspirant MP is rightfully extolling the virtues of having a regimental band of one of the British Army’s elite Foot Guards to come and visit us here in our wonderful town. I’ve no problem with that at all.

But, and here’s the rub, he can’t even bother himself to get the title correct for how to address these soldiers in his grinning pic –

Twitter: Mahroof Hussain
Royal Scots Guard visit Rotherham. fabulously received in town centre

He erroneously titles the pic thus: “Royal Scots Guard visit Rotherham. fabulously received in town centre”.

Well, fabulously received I’m convinced they rightfully were, but please Cllr Hussain please let me add to your obviously deficient knowledge of those brave and loyal soldiers whom you chose to stand alongside.

They weren’t the “Royal Scots Guard”, they were, and are, in fact The Scots Guards, and as such they are one of five regiments of Foot Guards, which are (1) Grenadier Guards, (2) Coldstream Guards, (3) Scots Guards, (4) Irish Guards, (5) Welsh Guards.

Here’s a link to some further historical research for you to improve your knowledge of these magnificent British soldiers and our historical British military institutions –

Oh, and for the record the Guardsman alongside you is wearing “a bearskin”, and that’s the proper title, before you give another title like “a busby” or “a shako”.

Iffen ya doubt the veracity of the advice I’ve freely offered you as a “critical friend” then please feel free to consult with any of your RMBC Elected Member muckers who’ve ever stood a post and served the Colours, I’m sure there’ll be one of them brave and eager enough to have a discrete whistle in your shell.

Kind Regards,

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Another question at random………

When Robin Stonebridge returned as a Parish Councillor on Anston Parish Council, were the Regional Labour Party aware of this in advance?

MacShane hyperbole – from the outer parliamentary universe

Denis MacShane, during yesterdays Prime Ministers Questions asked this ridiculous question, containing his usual hyperbole and delivered in his sneering and condescending manner.

That would be interesting enough but the most important thing was not, what he said, but where he said it from! About as far away from the Labour Frontbench as it is possible to be and still to be said to be in the House of Commons.

Pushed out by Labour, was Denis embarrassed? Not a bit of it!

This is reproduced from

Photo of Denis MacShaneDenis MacShane (Rotherham, Labour)

Is the Prime Minister aware that, since I have been an MP, every single medical problem at a hospital in my constituency is related to weekend working by exhausted junior doctors. Far from being a problem, the directive is a solution: we have had far too many exhausted doctors in charge of patients.

Photo of David CameronDavid Cameron (Prime Minister; Witney, Conservative)I do not doubt—in fact, I do doubt what the right hon. Gentleman says. I cannot believe that every problem in his hospital is down to this one issue. All I can say is that the local hospital that serves my constituents in Chipping Norton was threatened with massive downgrading partly because, under the working time directive, it could not supply the training modules for junior doctors. That seemed a classic example of the cart being put in front of the horse. We ought to determine what hospitals we want, and then think about the training modules, but the EU working time directive was getting in the way.

MacShane gets payout in ‘phone hacking’ scandal

It has been announced today that the Rotherham MP, Denis MacShane, has got a payout from News International of £32.500 for having his phone hacked!

Is Denis going to reimburse the taxpayer with this money? Don’t hold your breath!

The coverage of this story across the media is very interesting, most reports fail to include Denis MacShane, even in the broadsheets. Is this the work of the NUJ mafia? Denis is an ex-President of the NUJ and not above threatening hacks with NUJ discipline for publishing stories that tell the real truth about MacShane! Nice chap, is our Denis!

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Public Consultation closes 6th February

South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue (SYFR) is urging people to put forward their views on proposed changes to its frontline services, with just three weeks to go until the end of a 14 week public consultation.

After the consultation period ends on Monday 6 February, all responses will be collated and the Fire Authority is expected to make final decisions soon afterwards.

The public consultation document, and related business cases, can be viewed on the Service’s website,

The consultation, which has included seven public meetings, is on proposals to address a Government funding cut expected to reach £10m by 2015. Members and officers stress they do not want to make changes but have no alternative due to the extent of the cuts. They have already committed to cutting management and administration costs by 25%.

Any alternative proposals will need to make at least the same level of savings due to the likely budget cut. The proposals currently out to consultation, together with other internal staffing changes, will save around £4m per year following a one-off investment of £3.65m, including two new fire stations.

The proposals are:

A new full-time fire station near to the Sheffield Parkway, to replace Darnall and Mansfield Road fire stations (Sheffield)

A new full-time fire station at Birley, to improve cover in south-east Sheffield, and enable the closure of the part-time fire station at Mosborough

Removal of the retained duty system crews at Edlington (Doncaster) and Royston (Barnsley). Royston fire station would close

Removal of three countywide ‘roving pump’ fire engines that were used to support firefighter training but are no longer needed

Changing the firefighter crewing system at up to six existing stations, starting with Lowedges, with no effect on emergency response times. The “Close Proximity Crewing” model would save £400,000 per station, per year. If it is not possible to introduce Close Proximity Crewing, the alternative “Day Crewing” model would produce similar savings but with a negative impact on night time response times.

People can use any of the methods below to have their say before Monday 6 February 2012:


Post: Public consultation, South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue 197 Eyre Street Sheffield S1 3FG

Twitter: @syfr

Facebook: South Yorkshire Fire & Rescue

Spotted by a very observant reader, thanks.