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Rotherham Politics brings readers more important information and makes it available at the click of a mouse:

Model Contract of Employment and Job Description Parish Council Clerks                         Model Code of Conduct for Parish Councils
Model Standing Orders for Parish Councils
Model Complaints Procedure for Parish Councils
Model Financial Regulations for Parish Councils
Model Audit Procedure for Parish Councils

This information tells readers how a parish council should be run, certainly not widely adhered to in the parish councils of Rotherham Town.

Rothpol is very grateful to the source of this information, can’t tell you who because they ticked the no publicity box.

Mrs Overalls latest play – The Farce which is Anston parish council



Tell the children that the pantomime season is now well and truly over.

Our theatrical performers have now moved into a new genre. THE FARCE.

THE FARCE – which is – Anston Parish Council

Scene 1. Act 1

Question: Why did Cllr.Liz O’Brian do a cover up job for Iain St.John?
Answer: Maybe she practising to be a magician!

Question: Did she blush beetroot red whilst telling her very elaborate story – That Iain St.John did leave the room after he declared “An Interest!?”

Question: Did she turn round 180 degrees to see him leave the room?
Answer: NO: she had her back to the door.

Question: Did Iain St.John leave the room?
Answer: NO NO NO – Members of the public emphatically state – He walked over and stood looking at the map which is by the door but in the meeting room.

See Pantomime post of December 2011.

Lying, covering up, dissembling? – All part of the tatty tapestry that is Anston Parish Council.

Scene 1. Act 2

TOO MUCH INTEREST Councillor Joyce Brindley

Question: When did it become acceptable for a parish councillor to comment, in a meeting, about the private life of a member of the public, who was present?
Answer: Never – Cllr Joyce Brindley’s behaviour has in the past, been less than professional and she continues her spleen venting, this time on a member of the public.

Question: Should Cllr Joyce Brindley avail herself of some standards?
Answer: Yes she should – and that goes for the majority of this less than trustworthy lot.

She has been buying into false information – She should ask for a refund!

Scene 1. Act 3

Anston Village Green:

Question: Did a member of the public ask when the track on the south side was going to be repaired?
Answer: Yes

Queston: Did The Clerk, say it had been repaired?
Answer: Yes he did

Question: Was this contested?
Answer: Vehemently

Question: Did Anston Parish Council allow this track to be deliberately damaged & destroyed?
Answer: Oh yes, despite being advised, repeatedly.

Question: In the past did Robin Stonebridge say that he personally would not do any repairs on the village green until hell froze over?
Answer: Absolutely he did – discrimination again.

Question: Has not the Clerk, said in the past, the council have no obligation to repair this track?
Answer: Oh yes he has.

Question: Does Anston Parish Council have a duty to protect & maintain the Village Green which is vested in them?
Answer: Most certainly they do

Question: Then why did they allow a resident of Anston Village Green to systematically destroy the area?
Answer: Good question.

Watch this space good people and learn much more.








This is Anston Parish Council’s repair!

End of Scene 1.

Scramble to the bar. We need a drink to fortify ourselves for what is to come.

Lights down, Curtain up.

Scene 2. Act.1


Question: Did The Clerk say the Green had been litter picked that day?
Answer: Yes he did

Question: Then why is there still a substantial amount of litter on the perimeter that has been there for a very long time?
Answer: Because we are waiting for the wind of change! This then will blow it away!

Question: Did Chairman John Ireland say to the effect “There’s more to Anston than the Village Green. Would that be the Loyal Trooper public house by any chance?
Answer: Make up your own mind audience.

Scene 2. Act.2

Boy Wonder – Booming Beck

Question: Who is this young person trying to impress by booming out unimpressively loudly and aggressively?
Answer: Probably Iain St.John, It does appear he has donned his mantle, shame it’s not the cloak of invisibility.

Question: Does this boy not realise he is emulating Yesterday’s Men?
Answer: Does not care?

Question: Is it appropriate for Booming Beck and Judy Dalton (Vice Chair) to sit sniggering in a pathetic congratulatory way when Booming Beck has delivered one of his tirades?
Answer: NO – but then who cares about decorum – it is Anston Parish Council!

Scene 2. Act.3

The Hapless & Hopeless Chairman Ireland

Question: What on earth or moreover what planet, any planet, is he on?
Answer: Who knows – the only hope for Anston is that he will be sucked into a black hole!

Questions: Did he remain in his seat as Chair during a complaint against him?
Did a member of the public point out his error?
Did the Chairman refuse to take note of correct procedure?
Did he fail to ask for a seconder before evicting Cllr Thornton?
Did he say he didn’t need to?
Did he then realise he should have done so?
Did he then say he already had – and it was Joyce Brindley!!!?
Did he then over look Joyce Brindley “co-operating” with Iain St.John to say she had?
Did he then………………

Oh well – you get the picture


Question: Who had planned the ambush?
Answer: Surely not Iain St.John!

Question: Did Joyce Brindley just happen to have her Standing Orders before her and open at Section 50?
Answer: Oh yes – You bet she did

And why – Because Cllr.Thornton was, yet again, pointing out the errors under which Anston Parish Council was operating.

To quote Corporal Jones – “They don’t like it up em sir.” Should that be cur?

SO HERE WE GO AGAIN – YES WE DO – YET AGAIN – yawn – and again

Voting to evict Cllr.Thornton from the meeting.

Question: Did Iain St.John turn in his chair to face Cllr Thornton as he was leaving?
Answer: Yes

Question: Was he grinning and gloating?
Answer: As a child might after a playground spat.

Question: Did Cllr St.John then become very full of himself and start showing off in the meeting?
Answer: Well what do you think

Question: Do we need to know he has been out on his bike?
Answer: Don’t give a twopenny toss – Not relevant to the meeting, like so much of what comes out of his mouth.

(Fado would have had endless material from this lot of “under” performers!)

HOW VERSATILE THIS LOT ARE! Now from Farce to Tragedy


That Anston has this majority of under performers, playing to and for benefit of The Master Puppeteer.

Question: Has Chairman Ireland admitted to being Ian St.John’s puppet?
Answer: Oh yes, on a number of occasions.

Well we will see how Anston Parish Council is themed at it’s next performance. Come, come and see, if you can stand it. Why should we suffer alone? A good night out! Entrance free.


To paraphrase Rogerson:

If drama were a person (St.John)
He would be a stern and noble fellow (Not)
If it was a comedy (St.John)
He would be a jovial chap (Not)
But if it were a tragedy (Most definitely)
He would be like a solemn girl. (Sure thing)

If drama were a tree (St.John)
He would be a grand old oak. (What a joke)
If it were a comedy (St.John)
He would be the merry beech (Nut)
But if it were tragedy (Most definitely)
He would be a weeping willow. (Surely Twisted Willow!)

Goodnight All

Mrs Overall

The Players:
Michael Gazur – clerk
Martin Crowther
Joyce Brindley
Liz Bridges
Liz O Brien
Clive Jepson
John Ireland
Judy Dalton
Dominic Beck
Steve Baker
Gordon Jarvis
Stuart Thornton
Iain St John

Supporting Cast:
Mr D Smith and his Professional Heckler Mr Brian Lewis – Dave Smith did not speak.
Bill Brindley husband of Joyce Brindley. At odds/verbally aggressive/confrontational with Brian Lewis.
The Chairman allowed Bill Brindley to speak at will, despite not being a parish councillor, his status at the meeting was that of a member of the public. He certainly should not have had a go at Stuart Thornton.
The Chairman – Ireland, as you might expect, did bugger all about it!

Representatives of The Brethren were there!! But did not speak!

Joined Up Rotherham?

Labour dominated Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council covers an enormous area of South Yorkshire.

It has long been suspected that, through manipulation of qualifying rules and by means of links between Labour representatives, Rotherham is pretty well ‘joined up’!

In this post, the first of many we hope, we explore some of these, firstly in the area of Anston Parish:

Judith Dalton, lives in Dinnington – Borough Councillor for Anston & Woodsetts Ward is a parish councillor for Anston and deputy chair of Anston parish council.
Dominic Beck, lives in South Anston – Borough Councillor for Wales Ward and is a parish councillor for Anston.
Iain St John, lives in Dinnington – is a parish councillor for Anston and was a long time Borough Councillor for Anston & Woodsetts Ward.

Darren Hughes, lives in Catcliffe –  Borough Councillor for Anston & Woodsetts Ward, and is Chairman of Catcliffe parish council.

The information for this post was supplied by Dave Smith, to whom Rothpol is grateful. If you have any such fine examples of others of a similar kind? Rothpol would love to hear from you.

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”
George Orwell (25 June 1903 – 21 January 1950)

‘Tiser brings us the ‘Three Wise Monkeys’?

The Rotherham Advertiser has today placed online, this video of Roger Stone, Martin Kimber and Jahangir Akhtar explaining this years budget.

VIDEO: Budget ‘will prioritise Rotherham’s most vulnerable’

Reader sourced reviews will, no doubt, be interesting!

Cast List:
Roger Stone – Leader of RMBC
Martin Kimber – Chief Executive RMBC
Jahangir Akhtar – Deputy Leader RMBC

Does anyone have a transcript? Would be very useful for readers, the sound quality makes it difficult to hear!

The best ‘Comedy Club’ in Town?

Rotherham Politics brings you a satirical take on last nights meeting of the Anston Comedy Club, also known to us as Anston parish council, from Comedy Correspondent, Dave Smith:

Last night I decided to pay a visit to one of my local comedy clubs.  I went along with my Friend Mr  Lewis, one of the finest hecklers one could ever wish to meet.  We were a little disappointed to find that two of the usual stars of the show were appearing elsewhere.  I am of course referring to “I can shout and insult anyone I want to” Stonebridge.  The other one is very well known as a comedian and quick change artist turn coat Hughes.  It got off to a slow start but that queen of comedy, Councillor Dalton kept us slightly amused.  Lets not forget also that wonderful Dumbo impersonator, Sinjin, he was his usual funny self.  This club also has its own ” don’t worry I will protect you comedians from the nasty audience” person.  It would seem his job is to shout down anyone who dares to criticise these wonderful entertainers.  I believe he is married to one of the comediennes.

Things began to come alive when we came to the part of the show that dealt with correspondence, it would seem that most of this part of the show consists of the comedians chanting the word received. Until we arrived at the first of two letters councillor Thornton had written, the first was a letter about Sinjin and his behaviour.  We, of course, being only plebs were not allowed to be privy to the full content of this missive.  It did however lead to some wonderful exchanges between councillor Thornton, Sinjin and what I think was some one impersonating a chairman.

Things really began to come to life when the second epistle was dealt with.  This one was a complaint against the chairman impersonator.  He began to read it out, at every line he would say that’s rubbish.  My experienced heckler friend, Mr Lewis, stood up and pointed out to the impersonator that whilst he was dealing with the complaint against himself he could not remain in the impersonators chair.  This is of course correct, because how can the chairman remain impartial and give everyone a fair chance to speak when the complaint is about himself.  Lord Citrine will have been spinning in his grave.

The “I will protect you comedians” person attempted to shout down and lambaste Mr Lewis in order to shut him up.  This was a futile gesture, as Mr Lewis is an expert at his job.  Then our wonderful Dumbo impersonator waded in stating ” the impersonator must stay in his place”.  This then meant that councillor Thornton would not be allowed a fair hearing.  We then had the finest piece of comedy of the night, it brought forth roars of laughter from the audience.  Sinjin stood up and accused councillor Thornton of bullying him.  At this juncture the pretend chairman lost all control.  Then, as it would seem is usual on these occasions, councillor Thornton was ordered to leave the meeting.

I would urge every one to attend at least once the Anston and Woodsetts comedy club.  It has a very eclectic mix of comedians.  We have parish councillors, who also double up as borough councillors, who reside in Dinnington.  We have parish councillors who do the same.  The we have a parish councillor who is also a borough councillor for Kiveton.  Then we have a, Tory by any other name would still stink, Hughes, who is a borough councillor for this area but lives in Catcliffe.  This is a must see show.

Dave Smith

To assist readers in deciding whether the Clerk Michael Gazur, is competent in the discharge of his office, we bring you the latest available model employment contract and job description for parish council clerks. Read the comments also for more information.

How is Roger Stone paid? Update on Roger Stone Associates

Readers may be interested in these financial accounts of Roger Stone Associates, supplied by a blog reader in the interests of transparency, many thanks!

They are available here as pdfs, they should open in your browser, use your back button to return and read the next one.

Roger Stone Associates Ltd Accounts 2004 page 1
Roger Stone Associates Ltd Accounts 2004 page 2
Roger Stone Associates Ltd Accounts 2004 page 3
Roger Stone Associates Ltd Accounts 2004 page 4
Roger Stone Associates Ltd Accounts 2004 page 5
Roger Stone Associates Ltd Accounts 2004 page 6
Roger Stone Associates Ltd Accounts 2004 page 7
Roger Stone Associates Ltd Accounts 2004 page 8

Rotherham Politics has not yet had a chance to study them in detail, reader observations would help!

Did I say transparency?

Readers may wish to see thin in Saturday’s Yorkshire Post:

Town halls face top salary tax probe as Government closes loophole

Published on Saturday 18 February 2012 06:00

COUNCILS have been ordered to reveal whether any top bosses may be avoiding tax on their earnings amid deepening concern over pay deals for senior Whitehall posts. Read on…

How is Roger Stone paid?

When I posed the question contained in the post below, no one suspected how commonplace these arrangements would turn out to be throughout the Public Sector.

Previously on Rotherham Politics:

The Saturday Question? 4th Feb 2012

Following the exposure this week, of the Civil Servant running the Student Loans system and his pay being paid gross in to a private company, avoiding Tax and NI! Have we any such arrangements here in Rotherham? Read post…….

Further information has been trickling out, this link will give you some idea of the information now in the public domain:

Guardian – Civil servants’ union chief says tax schemes must stop

Further information is emerging indicating that this is commonplace in local government too!

Given the existence of Roger Stone Associates, the inevitable question must now be asked: how is Roger Stone paid? We should be told!

Don’t miss, The Leader’s Files – Roger Stone and Roger Stones Interests Declaration 2012.02.08

In Socialist Rotherham, don’t forget, ‘we are all in this together’ comrades!

Roger Stone and BEC-AG? (Business Europe China Aktiengsellscaft)

An observant reader spotted this interesting organisation the Business Europe China Aktiengsellscaft.

Why is this of interest to Rotherham Citizens or Rothpol readers?

It would appear that Herr Roger Stone, Rotherham’s very own Council Leader, is on the Supervisory Board of Business Europe China Aktiengsellscaft.

This and other surprises can be found on Roger Stones Interests Declaration 2012.02.08.

Information just in! It’s been Herr Roger Stone since – 20 July 2006!

Can Rotherham have this too?

Couldn’t resist sharing this interesting article from the Guardian website with you:

Why Oldham is taking council meetings online

Broadcasting proceedings on the web with questions from the public is keeping Councillors on their toes Read on…….

Must declare an interest here, I don’t make it out much and going to a Council Meeting at the Town Hall and climbing up to the Public Gallery is totally out of the question.

The modern democratic landscape has changed. Since the success of the broadcasting of Parliament there is now a clamour  for Local Councils to do the same via the web. Rotherham Town Hall has the equipment, it is high time they used it!