Green Belt consultation – Feedback report.

A Rotherham Politics reader brings us news on the feedback resulting from the consultation on the LDF:

I’ve just found out that the consultation process of 2011 feedback report has been published: link,

I’ve had a quick look and it is obvious that the majority of points raised for Dinnington East (Page 17 onwards), if not all, come from the ‘Save Our Greenbelt Dinnington and Anston Action Group‘ letter of objection (of which over 1700 were handed in) but with two omissions (must be considered too trivial to include, perhaps) viz:

“Pressure will increase on emergency services, schools, doctors’ surgeries and local hospitals” and

“In the unfortunate event of Yorkshire Water’s pumps failing (as happened in Goole on the 3 August 2011), the traditional pond will no doubt form, as now, in the bottom of the fields LDF216 and LDF220 with potential flooding to homes in Birkdale Avenue, Wentworth Way, Turnberry Way, Moortown Avenue and Belfry Way”.

The objection letter of the group can be found here:

6 thoughts on “Green Belt consultation – Feedback report.

  1. Went to the monthly meeting of Dinnington town council last night, brought up the subject of councillor Hughes and the brethren. It would seem that our erstwhile councillor, although being a borough councillor for Anston is not a parish councillor. Therefore he is not bound by the decision of the parish council; it would appear that this gives him the freedom to do what he wants. However Dinnington town council are going to write to him to ask him to explain his position on the green belt. I wonder if he is still a hero of the green belt warriors?

    Dave Smith


  2. The Action Group has been ignored in the report as far as I can see, there is a bit where some vague focus group says Dinnington East is a great idea but that’s it! Could have been written by a housing developer basically!


  3. Dave – You are right to focus on the antics of Darren Hughes. They have been nothing short of a disgrace!

    Darren Hughes, we must remember, has been working behind the scenes to assist the planning application by the Brethren! Delivering up part of the green belt, valued by the local community, to a decidedly dodgy group is outrageous! Especially in view of the fact that Darren lives in far away Catcliffe!

    Darren Hughes has a lot of explaining to do to his constituents if he wants to be re-elected this May! Personally, I think Darren Hughes has a mountain to climb in electoral terms. His defection from Conservative to Labour has gone down badly and I doubt that Labour can win Anston & Woodsetts Ward with Darren Hughes as their candidate.


  4. I think that Darren Hughes has his own agenda completely and he either believes that the constituents of Anston and Woodsetts are fools or he’s a fool himself! The words “slippery snake” come to mind….


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