Can Rotherham have this too?

Couldn’t resist sharing this interesting article from the Guardian website with you:

Why Oldham is taking council meetings online

Broadcasting proceedings on the web with questions from the public is keeping Councillors on their toes Read on…….

Must declare an interest here, I don’t make it out much and going to a Council Meeting at the Town Hall and climbing up to the Public Gallery is totally out of the question.

The modern democratic landscape has changed. Since the success of the broadcasting of Parliament there is now a clamour  for Local Councils to do the same via the web. Rotherham Town Hall has the equipment, it is high time they used it!

3 thoughts on “Can Rotherham have this too?

    • I suspect the Muppets would make as good a job of running things as this bunch of idiots? Nary a brain cell to rub together some of them! But I would like to be able to see the ‘peoples business’ being transacted for myself, the minutes are a very poor substitute.


  1. It would be great, but maybe not as great as the Muppet Show. 🙂
    I only came to live in the area 10 years ago and don’t go out of my way to see our councillors in action. So far I have seen this sub-set of current Councillors:
    Cllrs Swift, Nightingale, R. Russell, G. Smith, Donaldson, H. Jack.
    I can’t believe that if I saw all of our Councillors in their meetings on-line, I would see at least some who inspire me more than / don’t depress me as much as that lot have done.


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