Roger Stone and BEC-AG? (Business Europe China Aktiengsellscaft)

An observant reader spotted this interesting organisation the Business Europe China Aktiengsellscaft.

Why is this of interest to Rotherham Citizens or Rothpol readers?

It would appear that Herr Roger Stone, Rotherham’s very own Council Leader, is on the Supervisory Board of Business Europe China Aktiengsellscaft.

This and other surprises can be found on Roger Stones Interests Declaration 2012.02.08.

Information just in! It’s been Herr Roger Stone since – 20 July 2006!

8 thoughts on “Roger Stone and BEC-AG? (Business Europe China Aktiengsellscaft)

  1. Ah, well it looks like Da Deer Leedah is cosying up to our Chinese chums …

    I smell a junket coming-on, a fact-finding mission, an opportunity to blarney-for-Rovrum wiv da greedy waist-busting muckers, muppets n clowns …

    who knows maybe it’s summat ta do wi dat Chinese caper at Rother Valley –

    I wonda if Da Deer Leedah can say “rayt” in Canton or Mandarin … maybe it’s da same, rayt.


  2. Very very interesting! The possibility of a link with Visions of China at PitHouse West deserves the interest of Private Eye.

    A couple of points:
    1. takes you to more comprehensive information in the (original German Language) version of the site. Google will translate it for you.
    2. Whilst googling with doesn’t find much of interest about BEC-AG, googling with finds a fair amount more, and again Google will translate it for you.

    Supervisory Boards – like the one Mr Stone is sitting on at BEC AG, are separate from the main Board of Directors and not something we have in UK. It is rather like our non-exec director role, but with far more power. (Not sure if much/any money comes with the role.)
    Mr Stone’s management company Roger Stone Associates is definitely about tax efficiency, with a little bit of useful limited liability. What really matters tho’ is what monies are being put tho’ it, and that is part of the public record.


  3. Are you saying that Councillor Stone became involved with BEC 20 July 2006?? It would fit.
    BEC Ag was set-up in Duisburg 2005, and in April 2006 it appointed a Consultant in Wuhan, China. (Duisburg is twinned with Wuhan).
    On 25 July 2006, A “European-Chinese Economic Symposium” was held in Duisburg. Among the attendees were visitors from Valencia in Spain, Neijmegen in Holland, and Yorkshire in UK.
    BEC Ag’s Company Accounts can be found here (for a small fee):;jsessionid=0C1A6308091B13F21AE14D1794480699.tc03n03?Typ=n
    Register number = 17686
    Register court = Duisburg
    …but presumably you know all that.


    • Are you saying that Councillor Stone became involved with BEC 20 July 2006?
      That’s what the evidence suggests, however involvement prior to that date cannot be ruled out.

      Thanks for the additional information. Rotherham Politics relies on reader supplied information as there are simply not enough hours in the day for us to keep an eye on everything that might interest readers!

      What you have discovered is very interesting, pity about the charge!


  4. I assume you are referring to this:

    “Developing links with China
    Delegates from Yorkshire and Humber were hosted one evening
    by Business Europe China (BECAG), an organisation responsible
    for building links between Germany and China. An overview of
    the Duisburg Projects was presented followed by a discussion on
    cross border relations. This was particularly interesting for those
    delegates keen to build business links with other countries, and it
    was recognized that links with countries growing like China could
    benefit the region greatly. Further development on these links is
    being investigated.”

    An explanation from Roger Stone would be helpful here?


    • Yes, I was referring to that text, it is interesting in so many ways.
      The only other thing on page 30 is a picture of a Niki de Saint Phalle fountain – The Lifesaver – a collaboration with her partner Jean Tinguely. A great piece of street art.
      “an explanation from Roger Stone would be helpful here?”
      I would probably call it a “clarification”, but I totally agree with the sentiment. 🙂
      These are my final thoughts on this issue:
      There is a long-term working relationship between Rotherham/Cllr Stone, Duisburg and Valencia in Spain. Cllr Stone and Duisburg are both involved in this: The BEC Ag came on the scene in 2005 and was immediately promoted and publicised by Duisburg’s local authority. This itself is intriguing; why would a small start-up get such heavy official support not only in the links we already have but also in 3.2* here: and probably other places?
      (*Ouch , there are two sections 3.2; one titled “ Spain / Valencia” the other “Turkey and China” – which reminds me that Duisburg’s Christmas Market is really good and coincided with that visit by our leaders.

      Going back to
      That report is very professionally produced and must have cost ££££. Who wrote the content???
      “Delegates from Yorkshire and Humber were hosted one evening by Business Europe China (BECAG), an organisation responsible for building links between Germany and China.”
      Perhaps it should say that BEC Ag is a small private company with at most 3 employees.
      If Cllr Stone were involved with BEG Ag prior to the Duisburg visit described in that report, then I would feel unhappy with the lack of transparency of it all, even if all other participants to the visit were aware of the relationship. The report – which is the product of the visit – at no point acknowledges the potential conflict of interest.
      If Cllr Stone were not involved with BEC Ag at the time of the visit, there are many other questions to be asked.
      So I think the first thing is to determine conclusively what the relationship was between Cllr Stone, BEC Ag, and (Frau) Yiwei Shen.over the years 2005 – 2011.
      (I really admire Yiwei Shen – who set up and runs BEC Ag, – she is a brilliant entrepreneur, with real skills.)


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