How is Roger Stone paid?

When I posed the question contained in the post below, no one suspected how commonplace these arrangements would turn out to be throughout the Public Sector.

Previously on Rotherham Politics:

The Saturday Question? 4th Feb 2012

Following the exposure this week, of the Civil Servant running the Student Loans system and his pay being paid gross in to a private company, avoiding Tax and NI! Have we any such arrangements here in Rotherham? Read post…….

Further information has been trickling out, this link will give you some idea of the information now in the public domain:

Guardian – Civil servants’ union chief says tax schemes must stop

Further information is emerging indicating that this is commonplace in local government too!

Given the existence of Roger Stone Associates, the inevitable question must now be asked: how is Roger Stone paid? We should be told!

Don’t miss, The Leader’s Files – Roger Stone and Roger Stones Interests Declaration 2012.02.08

In Socialist Rotherham, don’t forget, ‘we are all in this together’ comrades!

1 thought on “How is Roger Stone paid?

  1. And the comic at Da Rovrum Palace of Fun, Mirth n Varieties smiles and shouts to the audience: “And just how is Da Deer Leedah paid?” …

    and the raucous response from the active and empowered citizen audience was: “In old washers, that’s how he’s paid, cos that how little we think he’s worth”. 🙂

    Well, that may be the opinion of those who are compelled by law to bankroll Town Hall Towers and its Greedy Corpulent Grunting Muppets and Clowns, but Leedah’s muckers on the unelected unaccountable “Independent Remuneration Panel” think he’s worth more than he’s currently paid … duh 😦

    Laugh? I coulda cried … 🙂


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