The best ‘Comedy Club’ in Town?

Rotherham Politics brings you a satirical take on last nights meeting of the Anston Comedy Club, also known to us as Anston parish council, from Comedy Correspondent, Dave Smith:

Last night I decided to pay a visit to one of my local comedy clubs.  I went along with my Friend Mr  Lewis, one of the finest hecklers one could ever wish to meet.  We were a little disappointed to find that two of the usual stars of the show were appearing elsewhere.  I am of course referring to “I can shout and insult anyone I want to” Stonebridge.  The other one is very well known as a comedian and quick change artist turn coat Hughes.  It got off to a slow start but that queen of comedy, Councillor Dalton kept us slightly amused.  Lets not forget also that wonderful Dumbo impersonator, Sinjin, he was his usual funny self.  This club also has its own ” don’t worry I will protect you comedians from the nasty audience” person.  It would seem his job is to shout down anyone who dares to criticise these wonderful entertainers.  I believe he is married to one of the comediennes.

Things began to come alive when we came to the part of the show that dealt with correspondence, it would seem that most of this part of the show consists of the comedians chanting the word received. Until we arrived at the first of two letters councillor Thornton had written, the first was a letter about Sinjin and his behaviour.  We, of course, being only plebs were not allowed to be privy to the full content of this missive.  It did however lead to some wonderful exchanges between councillor Thornton, Sinjin and what I think was some one impersonating a chairman.

Things really began to come to life when the second epistle was dealt with.  This one was a complaint against the chairman impersonator.  He began to read it out, at every line he would say that’s rubbish.  My experienced heckler friend, Mr Lewis, stood up and pointed out to the impersonator that whilst he was dealing with the complaint against himself he could not remain in the impersonators chair.  This is of course correct, because how can the chairman remain impartial and give everyone a fair chance to speak when the complaint is about himself.  Lord Citrine will have been spinning in his grave.

The “I will protect you comedians” person attempted to shout down and lambaste Mr Lewis in order to shut him up.  This was a futile gesture, as Mr Lewis is an expert at his job.  Then our wonderful Dumbo impersonator waded in stating ” the impersonator must stay in his place”.  This then meant that councillor Thornton would not be allowed a fair hearing.  We then had the finest piece of comedy of the night, it brought forth roars of laughter from the audience.  Sinjin stood up and accused councillor Thornton of bullying him.  At this juncture the pretend chairman lost all control.  Then, as it would seem is usual on these occasions, councillor Thornton was ordered to leave the meeting.

I would urge every one to attend at least once the Anston and Woodsetts comedy club.  It has a very eclectic mix of comedians.  We have parish councillors, who also double up as borough councillors, who reside in Dinnington.  We have parish councillors who do the same.  The we have a parish councillor who is also a borough councillor for Kiveton.  Then we have a, Tory by any other name would still stink, Hughes, who is a borough councillor for this area but lives in Catcliffe.  This is a must see show.

Dave Smith

To assist readers in deciding whether the Clerk Michael Gazur, is competent in the discharge of his office, we bring you the latest available model employment contract and job description for parish council clerks. Read the comments also for more information.

11 thoughts on “The best ‘Comedy Club’ in Town?

  1. What an excellent reportage, this sounds like a proper larrrf – is there a door fee to pay, or is it courtesy of the residents who pay the highest precept charge within Rotherham Borough.

    I think it would be helpful if RP was to advertise the dates of this show and then we can all put it in our diaries.


  2. Citrine? Must dig out my copy! You can be sure of one thing round here – the normal rules of debate are more often made up on the spot, to suit the occasion, than properly applied in a consistent way!


  3. As one of the ex councillors, Rita Alderton once said, “It used to be a good night out here”
    Well it still is. Everyone come along and see your Labour Party representatives hoofing their way through this farce of a so called democratic meeting.

    It seems the majority of councillors are set on victimising Councillor Thornton for his attention to the detail of the rules. Chairman Ireland obviously finds the job beyond his capabilities. It is obvious he does not have the required skills and required knowledge of the rules and is not able/prepared to hold the meeting together.

    Councillor Iain St.John when not giving us his “When I was on ,the this ,the that. the other, says he thinks Chairman John Ireland is doing a good job. Well he would have to say that wouldn’t he as Chairman Ireland has let it be known he is Iain St.John’s puppet.

    Another protege? As for young Councillor Beck he likes the sound of his own voice far too much. Me thinks he is trying to emulate Councillor Iain St.John – WHAT A ROLE MODEL!

    Valerie Sheldon-Ennis
    ex Shop Steward T&G.TradeUnion


  4. The comedy club is free entry and takes place the third Monday in the month. You can turn up but if your not a native you must stay quiet, the comedians may be a mixed bag but the audience can’t be.


  5. As a committed defender of socially responsible principles, it is always cheering to see persons from socially responsible backgrounds expressing their utter disgust at those who pretend to be socialists.

    The comic team that Valerie so vividly describes, wouldn’t recognise or understand true socialist principles, if they were beaten around the forehead with ’em.


  6. The distinct impression I am getting, is that of a very poorly led parish council, both the Chair and Clerk must take their full share of the blame for this, and the exceedingly arrogant, dictatorial and at times frankly tyrannical behaviour of Labour Members, that must breach every code of acceptable behaviour going, save those of the ‘Marquis of Queensbury’!

    When grown men and women start acting like children, we are in big trouble? For goodness sake grow up!

    Anston Labour Party parish councillors should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves and most of all, Chairman Ireland and the parish council Clerk Michael Gazur, both of whom should now consider their positions and resign!

    It is at times like these, when I’m thankful that there is no parish council in my area.


  7. I believe in fairness, and although some may not support my views, the clerk does do a good job in difficult circumstances. He most certainly should not be “lumped” in with the chairman and certain Labour Members.
    Its no secret that I have made several complaints to the Standards Committee, for things ranging from failing to declare Prejudicial Interests, to two cases of assault, guess what ? Nothing sticks, If you are a Parish Councilor, and you feel like hitting your fellow Councilors, go ahead, the standards Committee at RMBC wont even entertain it, (or is that just Anston Parish), even though the same person was already under investigation for the first assault.
    Very appropriate at a time when a Labour Member is busy beating up, allegedly, ConDems in the Bar.


  8. A short synopsis of the duties of a parish clerk. Making sure the council as whole carries out its business properly. The parish clerk also offers independent objective and professional support, as well as advice to the council. If Glazur had been making sure the council carried out its business properly, and been giving the objective advice he should have been doing. He would have advised the chairman, that whilst dealing with the complaint against himself he must temporarily leave the chair. He did not do this there for he was failing in his duties.


  9. Rotherham Council’s ‘Standards’ Committee – ha ha ha ha ha ha, hee hee hee, ho ho ho , ha ha ha. Oh dear me, I must take a breath, that is so funny, ho ho ho ho.

    It’ll be interesting to see just how well the new Legal Services bod perpetuates the status quo down at the asylum.

    For what it’s worth, believe me, there’s very little credence accorded to that crew that purport to uphold ‘standards’ at Rotherham Council.


  10. I got no reply from government standards committee when I complained about Kevin Barron. The chair of this wonderful committee is, you have already guessed it; Kevin Barron himself, Not much joy there.

    Dave Smith


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