‘Tiser brings us the ‘Three Wise Monkeys’?

The Rotherham Advertiser has today placed online, this video of Roger Stone, Martin Kimber and Jahangir Akhtar explaining this years budget.

VIDEO: Budget ‘will prioritise Rotherham’s most vulnerable’

Reader sourced reviews will, no doubt, be interesting!

Cast List:
Roger Stone – Leader of RMBC
Martin Kimber – Chief Executive RMBC
Jahangir Akhtar – Deputy Leader RMBC

Does anyone have a transcript? Would be very useful for readers, the sound quality makes it difficult to hear!

3 thoughts on “‘Tiser brings us the ‘Three Wise Monkeys’?

  1. Ha ha ha, what an embarrassing and shameful parade of Da Leedah, umming-n-arring, shifting from one cheek to another, awkwardly telling us what a tough job it’s been again, and this time he’s only managed to say two “rayts” right.

    Looks like the media charm school sessions have had a marginal effect, rayt 🙂

    Then he’s cravenly backed-up by his toxic salaried non-resident lickspittle Town Clerk who says that the damage is purely confined to “back office functions” (well that’s him and his Town Hall Towers coterie now clearly identified) and that first-class services will continue to be delivered to Rotherham’s hard-pressed citizens, duh 😦

    What both of them have failed to publically acknowledge is that this year the Corn-Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns have decided to support Da Dodger’s unsuccessful and failing personal vanity project, aka Da Dolly Twin Peaks Library, with £230,000 of Rotherham community charge payers’ money, and that the unsuccessful Scheme is only reaching 84% of 16,049 eligible children, so 2,509 or 16% are getting absolutely nothing 😦

    And as for the support from RMBC payroll giving, well even that’s gone down from 21 participants last year to 19 participants now. Ain’t it funny how those numbers don’t even add up to the numbers of Rovrum Laybah Grooip members who gleefully support this scheme with citizens’ money but not their own 😦


  2. “Hilarious (shifts uncomfortably in seat)…er…we have…er…now, rate…er…heard the ..er.. Lead…er.. (shifts uncomfortably in seat, wipes sweaty palm on trouser leg) …er….repeat his…er…rate well scripted message… er…repeat his rate well scripted message…er…and it will only affect…em int’ back office staff…rate…er”

    So remind me again, why do I have 3 Ward Councillors each taking a huge slice of the pie in wages and expenses and who are haven’t set foot in my village in a professional capacity for ..er…years? Bet they are not the back office staff he is on about. Hope that everyone who goes leaves through “voluntary” (think he meant voluntary redundancy).

    Rog – McDonalds are looking for a new clown. I have sent them the link but sadly you got rate turned down ‘cos they said thaz…er… not clever enough. Clever enough to sign the budget though, eh Rog…er.. McDonald..er…Stone?


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