Town & Parish Councils – Information at your fingertips

Rotherham Politics brings readers more important information and makes it available at the click of a mouse:

Model Contract of Employment and Job Description Parish Council Clerks                         Model Code of Conduct for Parish Councils
Model Standing Orders for Parish Councils
Model Complaints Procedure for Parish Councils
Model Financial Regulations for Parish Councils
Model Audit Procedure for Parish Councils

This information tells readers how a parish council should be run, certainly not widely adhered to in the parish councils of Rotherham Town.

Rothpol is very grateful to the source of this information, can’t tell you who because they ticked the no publicity box.

1 thought on “Town & Parish Councils – Information at your fingertips

  1. Given your focus on the goings-on at Anston PC, you may find that the requirements for being a Quality Parish Council are worth a read.

    Click to access 155163.pdf

    I did once try to find out who to complain to when my local parish council – another Quality Parish Council – was not complying with the requirements, … but I failed.


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