How is Roger Stone paid?

When I posed the question contained in the post below, no one suspected how commonplace these arrangements would turn out to be throughout the Public Sector.

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The Saturday Question? 4th Feb 2012

Following the exposure this week, of the Civil Servant running the Student Loans system and his pay being paid gross in to a private company, avoiding Tax and NI! Have we any such arrangements here in Rotherham? Read post…….

Further information has been trickling out, this link will give you some idea of the information now in the public domain:

Guardian – Civil servants’ union chief says tax schemes must stop

Further information is emerging indicating that this is commonplace in local government too!

Given the existence of Roger Stone Associates, the inevitable question must now be asked: how is Roger Stone paid? We should be told!

Don’t miss, The Leader’s Files – Roger Stone and Roger Stones Interests Declaration 2012.02.08

In Socialist Rotherham, don’t forget, ‘we are all in this together’ comrades!

Roger Stone and BEC-AG? (Business Europe China Aktiengsellscaft)

An observant reader spotted this interesting organisation the Business Europe China Aktiengsellscaft.

Why is this of interest to Rotherham Citizens or Rothpol readers?

It would appear that Herr Roger Stone, Rotherham’s very own Council Leader, is on the Supervisory Board of Business Europe China Aktiengsellscaft.

This and other surprises can be found on Roger Stones Interests Declaration 2012.02.08.

Information just in! It’s been Herr Roger Stone since – 20 July 2006!

Can Rotherham have this too?

Couldn’t resist sharing this interesting article from the Guardian website with you:

Why Oldham is taking council meetings online

Broadcasting proceedings on the web with questions from the public is keeping Councillors on their toes Read on…….

Must declare an interest here, I don’t make it out much and going to a Council Meeting at the Town Hall and climbing up to the Public Gallery is totally out of the question.

The modern democratic landscape has changed. Since the success of the broadcasting of Parliament there is now a clamour  for Local Councils to do the same via the web. Rotherham Town Hall has the equipment, it is high time they used it!

Green Belt consultation – Feedback report.

A Rotherham Politics reader brings us news on the feedback resulting from the consultation on the LDF:

I’ve just found out that the consultation process of 2011 feedback report has been published: link,

I’ve had a quick look and it is obvious that the majority of points raised for Dinnington East (Page 17 onwards), if not all, come from the ‘Save Our Greenbelt Dinnington and Anston Action Group‘ letter of objection (of which over 1700 were handed in) but with two omissions (must be considered too trivial to include, perhaps) viz:

“Pressure will increase on emergency services, schools, doctors’ surgeries and local hospitals” and

“In the unfortunate event of Yorkshire Water’s pumps failing (as happened in Goole on the 3 August 2011), the traditional pond will no doubt form, as now, in the bottom of the fields LDF216 and LDF220 with potential flooding to homes in Birkdale Avenue, Wentworth Way, Turnberry Way, Moortown Avenue and Belfry Way”.

The objection letter of the group can be found here:

All quiet on the Anston front!

Rotherham’s Labour apparatchiks like to conduct their business without benefit of public accountability for the decisions ‘made in their name’.

When local citizens take an interest in the goings on at their local Parish Council, abuse from Labour members is the usual result. For quite some time now, Anston Parish Council has typified this tendency and serves as a powerful example of the frankly tyrannical behaviour that can result!

The three worst offenders on Anston Parish Council? Iain StJohn, Robin Stonebridge and also Borough Councillor Dominic Beck, who are known to us now at Rotherham Politics, as the ‘three wise monkeys. Judy Dalton and Chairman Ireland have also lent a hand in this shameful record at times, with outrageous behavior tolerated by the Chairman on a routine basis!

Labour’s untrammeled power in Rotherham, has engendered an unwillingness to accept any form of accountability at all, to those they ‘claim to serve’.  Even the Labour Party, that chooses them as candidates, has seemed unable, or unwilling, to ensure their performance, abilities, behaviour and conduct was of an acceptable standard!

Readers of Rotherham Politics will be familiar with this litany of woes as it has afflicted Anston Parish Council, so it will come as a pleasant surprise for us to report that at recent meetings of the Parish Council standards of behaviour and conduct from the Labour PC members was exemplary! All Rotherham Politics hopes, is that they can keep it up in the future? Hence the headline, All quiet on the Anston front!

Superfast Broadband Chaos?

This interesting story of much woe in the roll out of the super fast broadband network that has promised much but delivered little, can be brought to Rotherham Politics readers due to the observant “A regular reader” to whom we are most grateful:

The story starts with this BBC post,

Also here:

and here:

Good stuff on the background can be found here: includes link to a very good Yorkshire Post article.

No fun for those affected, but one could see something like this coming.

“A regular reader”