More ‘Blue Badge Abusers’ Fined!

Friday’s Star brought us more news of the successful prosecutions of three ‘blue badge abusers’, who used someone else’s blue badge when the holder was not present!

Emma Gaffney, aged 38, of Ascension Mews, Maltby, Ronald Steele, 67, of Herringthorpe Close, Rotherham and Waseem Kazmi, 42, of Middle Lane South, Rotherham, were all found guilty and fined for fraudulent use of another’s blue badge when the holder was not present.

These tales sound awfully familiar to us at Rotherham Politics with the case of our, very own blue badge abusing councillor who evaded prosecution thanks to the hard work of the then Borough Solicitor, Tim Mumford, who found a loophole which resulted in the failure to prosecute him. Tim Mumford, then also put the fear of God in to Labour Group and others to stop any leak! Some hope! All that, to protect the reputation of one rather minor member, with a chequered and rather inglorious past already.

His crime was exactly that of these three examples, why then, is Rotherham’s blue badge abusing Councillor still being protected by Roger Stone, Jahangir Akhtar and Rotherham Labour Group, to their eternal shame? We should be told!

Councillors and Co-opted members code of conduct.
Officers code of conduct.

9 thoughts on “More ‘Blue Badge Abusers’ Fined!

  1. So it would appear?

    What do readers suppose this cowardly, disgraceful and disreputable member should do, once his identity is known?

    Bringing the council into disrepute, then hiding behind others, is already well evidenced, as can be found here on this blog!

    I suspect that if it had been dealt with properly in the first instance and he had been prosecuted, he would have suffered embarrassment, little more would have happened! It is the cover-up that makes this such an appalling and egregious case and where the main breaches of the code of conduct lie.

    Maybe this time around, the Labour Party will deal with it’s dirty laundry itself, rather than waiting for the voters to turn him out of his seat (again)? We live in hope!

    Perhaps Patrick Cawkwell might suggest a defence for him?


  2. Ho ho ho ho, maybe da loyal Patrick would do well to read this article – – and ponder on whether he ought to pass on the story to his muckers the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns at Town Hall Towers just in case there’s any truth in Da Rovrum Blue Badge story …

    Perverting the course of justice is a very serious offence indeed, as is conspiracy to pervert the course of justice … and who knows … maybe in the fullness of time there may be someone in Town Hall Towers who realises that what they know is genuine dynamite ….

    Remember, whenever there’s more than one involved in a cabal that it only takes one to bubble the job and hey, bingo, the whole house of cards collapses around their ears. If there is such a cabal down at Town Hall Towers can they really really depend on and trust each other … ho ho ho tee hee 🙂


  3. Whoever the badge abuser is, should show some integrity, and own up to the mistake. One of the Nolan Principles is honesty, and if a Cllr cannot adhere to the spirit of the principles, then he should step down. It seems that many people know the identity of the Cllr involved,and as every day passes that persons credibility gets worse. Even more shameful is that people of the Labour Party (if he is a Labour Cllr) who sit next to him and allow this farce to continue are just as guilty of aiding and abetting in this cover up. shame on the people who know and dont stand up for justice.
    The GOOD Labour Cllrs should ask themselves this question ” if Members of the Public are being prosecuted, should I protect one of my fellow Cllrs,and what comes first, loyalty to the party or my own integrity”.
    Maybe this particular incedent should be flagged up to the next level of the Labour Party, I am sure they would not like to be tarnished by this “cover up”.
    Shame on those who will not speak.


      • The position, again, is quite clear…as I said before, my original comments weren’t allowed to be posted (as I’m on moderation to prevent anything to anti-Tory slipping through) so there is no point in my wasting my time is there?


        • Oh dear dear dear Patrick, you poor public fool, wise up and smell da cawfee …
          we’re all on “Moderation” here …
          cos that’s how a private forum is organised and managed … err, by its Moderator.

          Don’t make out that you’re some sort of Working Class Warrior who’s being denied their right to free speech cos you’re anti-Tory … I’m anti-Tory, I’m a Trade Union member, I’m a socialist, I’m a Labour Voter …

          But I am a constant and dedicated critic of the slimy sleazy slurry slime dog Grunters, Muppets and Clowns at Town Hall Towers who get ingratiated with gifts and hospitality and award themselves top-dollar and then junket for Britain at the expense of Rotherham ratepayers and voters … which of course you aren’t cos you’re a Donny ratepayer.

          Got it?
          Clear enough 4 ya?
          Need further clarification then ask Uncle Rik aka Mr Moderator 🙂


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