Spot the difference?

Rotherham Politics recently drew readers attention to deficiencies in the Interests Declaration made by Councillor Dominic Beck the Member for Wales Ward, we can report some developments and offer them to readers for comparison.

Original Interests Declaration
Latest Interests Declaration

If ‘Wonder Boy’ Beck gets it wrong? Seems Rothpol had a point!

This document looks interesting? Rush House Ltd, Dominic Beck and Darren Hughes involved!

17 thoughts on “Spot the difference?

  1. Failure to declare new interests within 28 Days is a breach of the Code of Conduct, so many undeclared interests should at least get him a wrap over the knuckles.

    Don’t be daft! This is Rotherham, where even the most outrageous examples of wrongdoing go unpunished! The Blue Badge abusing Councillor being just one of many fine examples!


  2. There’s something suspicious about the declarations of interest, in that the ‘latest’ form was completed by Beck 10/5/10 and the ‘original’ form was completed by him 10/5/11.

    And both of the forms were verified by the Monitoring Officer 21/6/11

    The characteristic combination of Labour Party and senior council officials’ attention to important legal responsibilities.


    • Has someone tried to manufacture an alternative past? Dominic Beck was elected last year, May 5th, 2011! He was only seventeen at 10/5/10, a full year before! Surely some mistake? Why did it take Tim Mumford a full year to countersign the Declaration?


  3. Now you come to mention it, further close examination leads one to suspect a rather amateurish forgery! Did no one notice the date?
    There appears to be another signature underneath Dominic Beck’s, or is it my imagination?


  4. One of the really nice things about PDF files is that they tell you how and when they were created.
    The “latest” version – Beck_D0001.pdf – was authored by “RBT” and created on 05 March 2012 at 16:14 . ( I may be very wrong, but I think it was created on a rather old cheap scanner ( HP at a guess) using Halo DPE software. I.e. it was probably produced by amateurs. )

    The “earlier version” – councillor_beck_dominic1.pdf – was authored by a “Joanne RIpley*” on
    24 June 2011 at 16:44 using Acrobat PDFMaker 6.0 for Word. I.e. it was produced professionally.

    (*A Ms RIpley is (or was recently ) secretary to the Head of Legal and Democratic Services at RMBC.)


    • Thanks for that very interesting information A Regular Reader. It certainly lends weight to this being a rather large ‘cock up’, by someone! Who was it? We should be told!


      • I think what it shows is that your original post was read, and had an impact. (Well Done!)
        So “they” tried to recover from the mess and being in panic mode got “themselves” deeper into it.

        The “RBT” who is the author of the latest version – is probably referring to RBT Connect. – that partnership RMBC had with BT . (All PCs were probably initially set up that way a standard.)

        *** Someone within RMBC had to load that latest version onto the Website.
        (I would doubt if Councillors have access rights to that feature of the system.)
        Whilst what originally happened is obviously cock-up and not conspiracy, this is collusion in something not very nice. (IMHO!)


  5. So am I being led to the inevitable conclusion that an RMBC officer who should be politically neutral is actively involving themselves in an act of covert political support for a third-rate Corn Fed Grunter, Muppet and Clown from Da Dodger’s Rovrum Laybah Grooip darn at Town Hall Towers?

    Surely not! These people tell us that they’re good and deserve top dollar more than Sheffield CC cos they’re working hard for us on our behalf against the Nasty National ConDoms who try to undermine and devalue the lives of good honest Yorkshire working folk.

    By heck lad, tha’ll be telling me next that a Corn Fed Grunter, Muppet and Clown has abused the town’s Sacred Blue Badge Scheme.

    Quelle horreur!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Yeah Patrick, it is very very frustrating for us as Rotherham residents, community charge payers and voters to see the pee-poor calibre of the retards and dullards that represent us for top-dollar down at Town Hall Towers.

      I hope you as a Doncaster resident and taxpayer can bear with us while we hold our town muppets to account.

      Anyway, you promised us some of your ministrations to the Reejunull Laybah high-ups about the slurry activity among the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns at Town Hall Towers. Any news on that front yet?


  6. WHOOOPs what a cock up. If we allow for a “rushed” ammendment, and allow that he made a mistake in the year (ie he wrote 2010, instead of 2011) how come his “interests” changed so dramaticaly on the same day ?. If this document was really created on the 5th March how has the Monitering officer Mr Waller, processed it so quick, and if the monitering officer has processed it why did he not countersign with the correct date. did Mr Waller sign the “new” form.
    I smell something “fishy”, this should be investigated further because if this new decleration has been done without approval from the Monitering officer, not only is this stating false information but it leads to some serious breaches of the Code of Conduct.
    Just a last thought, in the box which asks if you have any interests in land, should he have not put down the address that he lives at in South Anston.


  7. I think this is what happened:
    1. On or about10 May 2011 , Councillor Beck was given a blank set of Register of Interests Forms, which he duly filled in in handwriting (but missing a few essential items) , signed and dated it (with the incorrect year), stapled the pages together and submitted the return.

    2. This return was then signed off by the Monitoring Officer on 21 July 2011 and passed to a secretary (probably along with many other declarations).

    3. The secretary keyed the contents into a Word document and output it as a PDF, – and whilst doing so noticed and corrected the date in her electronic version. She then uploaded the PDF to the website, and filed the original handwritten version in a ring-binder.

    4. When the missing items were brought to Cllr. Beck’s attention, the original filed handwritten version was retrieved, amended with the additional information, scanned into a PDF and uploaded to the website.


    • Your explanation is plausible, however it doesn’t fit all the facts. Look carefully at the last page, Beck’s signature is over another! This last page has been used before and this is just one of the errors made by this set of amateurs.


  8. Ho ho ho ho, this sounds like one of those early black-n-white 1950s TV panel games where contestants were fed lines about “speculation, innuendo, allegation, hypothesis and obfuscation”?

    God Almighty, these muppets tells us they are managing our multi-million pound business aka RMBC for our top-dollar and the dozy slack inept conniving slimy slurry slack dogs can’t even manage to read, understand and complete a basic form that any child who’s read a Dolly Twin Peaks Booik could manage!

    Perhaps we should be sending free Books-4-Babiz to the Corn Fed Grunters, Muppets and Clowns of Da Dodger’s Rovrum Laybaah Grooip … maybe then they could understand what it actually is they are supposed to do with official forms like Declarations of Interest, Hospitality Register Entries, etc etc.

    Tha what, tha reckons I went in’t car, neeow I went in’t train cos I claimed for it, so it must be rayt, rayt.

    Congratulations Rovrum Labybaah Grooip you’ve now hit rock-bottom in terms of credibility and integrity … sure you can’t descend even lower, can you 🙂


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