Rush House Project – New Information

Rotherham Politics is grateful to Trambuster for this latest information, which we bring you, to add to the information available of the many ways Rotherham is ‘joined up‘! Mr T thought this link ( should be more widely publicised. Thanks to Google we can also show you it’s location. This appears to be somewhere where Nick Cragg, Dominic Beck and Darren Hughes meet up in close proximity. Trying to establish exactly who is the Landlord of 10 Percy Street?

2 thoughts on “Rush House Project – New Information

  1. many years ago Rush house was a place were these girls were picked up by taxi drivers im talking 13/14 years ago and i am stating fact not fiction this was then owned by rmbc now it is owned by a charity that gets paid by rmbc for providing the same service rmbc once delivered i have much more info at my fingertips would prefer to work with rmbc not against it but they seem unwilling to work with us may i say even though it may make me unpopular Joyce was used as a scapegoat i dont think our group will ever get any help from rmbc so we arent going to the papers we are taking part in something sorted by a tv program we are fed up of being ignored funny how rmbc keep telling people they never heard of us


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