Has April 1st come early?

From the Star website posted today:

Councillor eyes top police job

Published on Sunday 11 March 2012 09:04

A BOROUGH councillor is bidding to be named South Yorkshire’s new police and crime commissioner.

Coun Shaun Wright, Rotherham Council member for Rawmarsh since 2000, is the current South Yorkshire Police Authority vice-chairman and plans to seek nomination as Labour’s candidate for the new role.

The 44-year-old, a serving magistrate in Rotherham, is up against South Yorkshire’s former Chief Constable Med Hughes for the nomination. Read on…

5 thoughts on “Has April 1st come early?

  1. What’s he like at accepting hospitality – if he can trough half as much as t’leader, he should be well qualified for the job.

    If he does get the post and he does start accepting ‘hospitality’ – he needs to know right now, that there’s going to be one or two concerned and responsible residents, who are going to be keeping tabs on him.


  2. Our youthful aspirant “South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner”, Cllr Shaun Wright, would do more than well to reflect on the wise words and counsel of Lord Condon, QPM, DL, late Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, in his statement to The Leveson Inquiry into the Culture Practices and Ethics of the Press, in which he states: “In my view hospitality can be the start of a grooming process which leads to inappropriate and unethical behaviour. Therefore I have tried, and hopefully succeeded, in conducting my professional life in a way which did not [eave me vulnerable to accusations of inappropriate hospitality”.

    Weblink – http://www.levesoninquiry.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Witness-Statement-of-Lord-Condon.pdf

    Wise words from such an astute and morally upright police officer and public servant who clearly recognises the importance of creating and maintaining public trust while in public office.

    In my humble opinion, it’s such a profound pity that our wonderful town is currently headed up by a Labour politician who has created a culture of political patronage and indulged in the most blatant acceptances of hospitality as can be witnessed by referring to his hospitality register entries which Rotherham Politics and The Advertiser have previously published.

    While such acceptances may be properly recorded and therefore technically legal, they do not, in my humble opinion, project an image of propriety and decorum for a senior Elected Member or Officer of RMBC or indeed any other statutory authority, and therefore should be vigorously resisted and kindly rejected with thanks.

    I sincerely hope that those Elected Members of all parties waiting in the wings for the end of The Stone Age in the Rotherham political establishment will wish to distance themselves from what has become an embarrassing and odious spectacle of civic indulgence and junketing at local taxpayer expense.


    • Just checked to see if Shaun Wright has made any declarations in the Hospitality Register, there are none? Can this be correct?
      His interests declaration also has not been updated for a year, has nothing at all changed in that time. 28 Days is all you are allowed to notify changes!


  3. So, Shaun Wright has his sights set on becoming Labour’s Candidate for the post of the new South Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner.

    His mother-in-law, also a Labour Councillor, must be very proud of him as he makes his way ‘onwards and upwards’ through the Labour ranks, first becoming a Labour Councillor, then a Cabinet Member then spending a year ‘troughing’ as Deputy Mayor followed by another year of ‘troughing’ amd junketing as Rotherham’s First Citizen, the Mayor, all at taxpayers’ expense.

    It seems that Councillor Wright has got a taste for the ‘good life’ or perhaps he thinks that his employment as South Yorkshire Police & Crime Commissioner will prove to provide a more secure tenure of office than that of a mere Councillor?


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